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Foundation Certificate in Art and Technology

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This Certification is designed to equip students with the basic skills and understanding of Creative Industries (Games, Design and Animation) so as to prepare them for direct intake into the Games, Design, Animation or Concept Art related Diploma course at MAGES. This programme also serves as a bridging platform to enhance and identify the creativity and suitability of a student for extended training in digital media and creative design. The course provides an overview of education in multimedia, software skills and project expertise required in the Games, Design and Animation industry and adopts a step by step approach on mastering the software and analytical skills for project work and further studies.

This programme will give students a value-chain centric approach to an enriching learning experience. Assessments will be conducted via coursework as well as projects so that students gain enhanced knowledge that can be directly applicable to career development.

Programme Summary

Awarded By : MAGES Institute of Excellence
Duration : 9 Months (Both Full Time & Part Time)
Programme Layout : Full Time – 5 days a week and 3 hours per day
Part Time – 3 days a week and 3 hours per day
Note : International Students can only opt for Full Time programmes
Course Intake Date:
Graduation Criteria:
In order to file for a graduation certificate, the student must have completed and passed all the modules of the course.

Programme Highlights

Industry Project
  • Industry project to give hands on experience and application of the knowledge acquired during the course.

In depth coverage of the subject through 4 modules that includes Final project.

Methods of Assessment
Each module will be assessed through a combination of assignment, attendance and project work.

Course Modules

Foundation Modules (Level 1)


Academic Reading & Writing I

FCAT101 – Academic Reading & Writing I

This Module will assist students to read academic texts using appropriate strategies to locate main ideas or specific information. Students will be introduced to basic expository genres and appropriate vocabulary for academic writing.


Academic Reading & Writing II

FCAT102 – Academic Reading & Writing II

This Module will assist students to read both extended or multiple texts, evaluating their sources and identifying points of view. Writing will focus on outlining, paraphrasing, summarizing and producing expository essays.


Academic Speaking

FCAT103 – Academic Speaking

This Module aims to improve your skills and confidence in speaking. It is designed to give intensive practice in spoken English for presentation and discussion purposes, and to prepare students for the college experience.


Creative Concept Development

FCAT104 – Creative Concept Development

Creative Concept Development is a hands-on module exploring the nature of —and practical applications for— creativity. The student will have insights into methods to identify user needs and an understanding of how creative methods are used to evaluate and select concepts on the basis of consumer needs.

Elective Modules – Art & Design (Level 2)


Basic Drawing I

FCAT201 – Basic Drawing I

This subject introduces students to the various aspects of Drawing and Composition techniques which will help them to learn about the process of concept development in pre-production of Animation, Motion Graphics and Games. This module will introduce and teach students on the foundation of drawing varied from Prop Design to Environments.


Basic Drawing II

FCAT202 – Basic Drawing II

This Module will focus primarily on the human figure through observational drawing. Basic anatomical considerations will be addressed. As the course progresses, students will integrate the figure into a spatial context, engaging issues of composition, figure and ground, and effective lighting.


Digital Design

FCAT203 – Digital Design

This module introduces students in the creation of basic supporting visual assets through guided practices using essential software. Students gain valuable hands-on experience in the illustration of design elements, processing of digital imaging and creation of two dimensional designs. At the end of the module, students will be able to create basic assets to support productions and have a solid foundation.

Elective Modules – Technology (Level 2)


Mathematics for Games

FCAT204 – Mathematics for Games

Many facets of game programming requires a fundamental understanding of mathematical principles what allow for the manipulation of in-game elements. Certain game components such as AI and graphics are more exposed to the direct involvement of mathematics than others, but all disciplines of game development can benefit from a fundamental knowledge of mathematics. In this module, the student will learn the application of mathematics to the domain of real-time interactive applications.


Games Appreciation

FCAT205 – Games Appreciation

This module will provide an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the world of video game design and development. Student will be guided on a step by step walkthrough on the design consideration for a game and explore how player elements, the different types of platform, various genres relate to market needs.


Basic Programming

FCAT206 – Basic Programming

This Module is designed as an introduction to programming and programming language Like Python for the students who have no or very little programming knowledge and experience. At the end of this Module, you can expect to be fairly proficient in using Programming Languages like Python to build simple applications, and have a good understanding of what it takes to plan, analyze, design, implement and develop simple applications.

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Entry Requirements

1. General Interest

Applicants must have a passion for creation, a love of media and entertainment, and willingness to strive for good results.

2. Age

16 years old (based on date of birth) by the date that classes start.

Local Students

Academic Qualifications for Diploma Intake

3 GCE ‘O’ Level passes or Certificate Level or NITEC

English Proficiency

GCE ‘O’ Level English

Pass interview with the Academic Director and assessment by Academic Board (if student does not meet the above English requirement)

Mature Candidates Entry

Applicants must be at least 30 years of age with 8 years working experience

International Students

Academic Qualifications for Diploma Intake

Applicants should have passed a minimum of 10 years senior high school education with proof of pass in English. Student has to pass all subjects with the required averaged score of 65%. or

3 GCE ‘O’ Level passes or NITEC.

Minimum of 10 years senior high school education with proof of pass in English. Student has to pass all subjects with the required averaged score of 65%.

[Ref: Student has to pass all subjects with the required averaged score as below:
Indonesia: Year 11 with an average 65% ; Sri Lanka: Year 10 Pass ; India: Year 10 PassIndonesia: Year 11 with an average 65% ; Sri Lanka: Year 10 Pass ; India: Year 10 Pass Vietnam: Year 11 with an average 65% ; Myanmar: Year 11 Pass ; China: Year 11 with an average 65% ; Others: Year 11 with an average 65%]

For all students who have not studied English up to senior high level would need to have completed the following:

English Proficiency


Other equivalent qualifications where the medium of instruction is English

Student may attend additional English classes and pass at the equivalent of upper intermediate level (if student does not meet any of the above English requirements)


If student has achieved C6 in GCE ‘O’ Level or 65% in English in 10th Grade or IELTS 5.5 then student can be exempted from Modules FCAT101, FCAT102 and FCAT103.