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Professional Certificate in 3D Concepting for Production

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In this course, students will learn professional methods for 3D concepting, digital sculpting, texturing, posing and rendering high-impact Digital 3D Creatures and Characters for films/games using Z Brush as the primary software. Through this 3D Concept Art course, students will be introduced to the complete concept design production process from initial design to final image. Various intermediate and advanced digital sculpting techniques will be taught to develop next-level characters with unforgettable, jaw dropping "reveal" moments.

One of the top 3D concept art courses in Singapore, and a rare Z Brush course – the Professional Certificate in 3D Concepting also teaches students how to transform their 3D modeled masterpieces into physically printed toys or maquettes.

Course Intake Dates: TBA

Programme Highlights

Industry Project
Industry project to give hands on experience and application of the knowledge acquired during the course.

In depth coverage of the subject through 3 modules that includes Final project.

Methods of Assessment
Each module will be assessed through a combination of assignment, attendance and project work.

Student Artwork

Course Modules


Digital Character Design

TCP201: Digital Character Design

Students will learn techniques in digital concept art for designing interesting and memorable 3D Character concept. The module teaches the students fundamentals of developing solid character concept and Create efficient topology for characters. Learn numerous techniques for texturing, posing and baking and create a production ready character from start to finish.


Creature Design Unleashed

TCP202: Creature Design Unleashed

Students will learn to create and texture highly-detailed Creature models as well as armor and other accessories. Students will learn about various ways in which a 3D creature can be produced, from a block out to the now ubiquitous digital sculpting techniques. Students will create a production ready creature from start to finish.



TCP203: Project

This module guides students through the final stages of creating a portfolio that is geared towards creating 3D Concepts for games and films. Presentation techniques will be introduced, along with strategies for developing an effective self-promotional campaign.

Our Faculty

MAGES Faculty - Md. Hussain Khan

Khan Mohamed Hussain

Senior Game Artist, Ubisoft
MAGES Faculty - Kerwin A. Atienza

Kerwin A. Atienza

Senior Artist, Ubisoft Singapore
MAGES Faculty - Yee Suk Yi