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Professional Certificate in Mobile Game Development

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This course provides a solid foundation for students in Game Design and Development Concepts for mobile devices. Students are trained to use tools and libraries to create professional mobile games through real life projects. They experience the development of a mobile game with a given deadline while making decisions on game play, platforms used and other development details.

Course Intake Dates: 11th of December 2017, 23rd of December 2017

Programme Highlights

Industry Project
Industry project to give hands on experience and application of the knowledge acquired during the course.

In depth coverage of the subject through 4 modules that includes Final project.

Methods of Assessment
Each module will be assessed through a combination of assignment, attendance and project work.

Student Artwork

Course Modules


Game Design and Documentation

GD401: Game Design and Documentation

This module involves training students in the important processes and methodologies that are required in games development. Game design concepts will comprise of Level Design, Character Design and Game Balance. Students will learn to understand the development team that is required and their responsibilities. The studies will involve the detail understanding of the different game genres and their characteristics. Students will learn how to do documentation for games development namely the initial concept, the treatment and detailed design document. The documentation process will include the use of software engineering tools and concepts.


C# and 2D Game Development

GD405: C# and 2D Game Development

The use of industrial standard game engines will be introduced in this module so that students can develop a complete game. Students will experience the use of a rapid application type of game engine. Emphasis will be on the sequencing of game play logic such as the condition, events and actions required in a game. The module will require the students to go through the game development process and complete a full 2D game. Assessment will focus on the elements that are important for a typical 2D game anatomy. Students will also explore the development of the different types of games genres.


Mobile Games Development

GD406: Mobile Games Development

In this module, students will study the issues and concerns that are related to mobile games development. Focus will be given to design considerations for mobile games development for multiple platforms. Others topics will include technologies, quality of game engines and optimization techniques for mobile game development. Students will also be taught to develop a game using the game engines and experience the full implementation and testing of the mobile game on target devices.



GD409: Project

The Game Development Project tasks the student to review the game development fundamentals mastered from the various modules and apply the necessary skills in the creation of a game. Students are expected to monitor all aspects of the project, ensure that proper knowledge and resources are harnessed to create the desired outcome in a timely, cost-effective manner. Students will also devote most of their time in the research and design of the original mobile game.

Our Faculty

MAGES Faculty - John David Uy

John David B. Uy

Diploma, Imus Institute
MAGES Faculty - Rajesh Chakravarthy

Rajesh Chakravarthy

Master of Arts (Department of Visual Arts), Savannah College of Art and Design, US (Georgia)
MAGES Faculty - Nanda Ye Aung

Nanda Ye Aung

Unity Certified Developer, Master Degree in Computer Science, University of Yangon, Myanmar
MAGES Faculty - Thomas O’Dell

Thomas O’Dell

B.A Honours in Computer Science, University of Toronto, Canada
MAGES Faculty - Manuj Chandra

Sharma Manuj Chandra

Bachelor of Science ( Computer Science), Alagappa University, Tamil Nadu,India.
MAGES Faculty - Dominic Huang

Huang Ruiliang Dominic

Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Singapore Polytechnic M.B.A, International Business, Arcadia University, Pennsylvania
MAGES Faculty - Luther Chan

Chan Haoran, Luther

Founder, Explosive Barrel (Game Studio)