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Professional Certificate in Motion Design

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Professional Certificate in Motion Design program enables students to enhance their creativity to produce attention-grabbing communication designs for film, television, and the web. The course provides a stimulating education in motion graphics, including storytelling, typography, art direction, after effects and embraces theory, research and analysis of project work. The student will be encouraged to develop individual creative ability and support this with the development of a high level of technical skills and the ability to work under pressure preparing them for real world assignments. The highlight of this motion graphics course is its emphasis in building a production portfolio and ensuring the highest quality of motion design certification as a Motion Design Program in Singapore.

Course Intake Dates: TBA

Programme Highlights

Industry Project
Industry project to give hands on experience and application of the knowledge acquired during the course.

In depth coverage of the subject through 5 modules that includes Art Direction project

Methods of Assessment
Each module will be assessed through a combination of assignment, progression test, attendance and project work.

Student Artwork

Course Modules


Motion Design 1

MD201: Motion Design 1

This course introduces the theory and production of animated 2D graphical elements for multiple platforms. Concept, research, design and pre-production techniques for motion graphics projects are covered, focusing on animating with typography, graphic symbols, shapes, and color. Design projects are analyzed according to their conceptual and graphical composition, and are developed to effectively and creatively communicate a message to a specific audience.


3D for Designers

MD202: 3D for Designers

Motion Graphics is the convergence of art, design, motion, and technology. Students will learn cutting edge industry techniques, primarily focusing on an 3D Software and its uses in the motion graphics industry. In addition to a strong 3D element, the course will also focus on the integration of type, design, and audio.


Motion Design 2

MD203: Motion Design 2

This module is aimed at expanding the student's typographic vocabulary through the use of time-based composition, sound and animation. Students will develop a time / movement-related projects using semantic typography with the objective of enhancing visual form, meaning and communication. Rhythmic and expressive use of type in motion explores varying type size, weight, spatial relationships, form/counter form, and movement within a word, while preserving sound typographic principles.


Art Direction

MD204: Art Direction

Students build on skills and processes learned in previous design courses to conceive and produce multifaceted Design campaigns. This Art Direction Module Students Learn how to manage a project, develop an Agenda, Conduct a Meeting, and work in Groups – Experiences that Simulate a real – world studio, TV Station or Advertising Agency. Students Experience and explore the business aspects of design, investigating effective ways to work in a project based team environment.


Production - Portfolio Prep

MD205: Production - Portfolio Prep

This module guides students through the final stages of creating a portfolio that is geared towards creating Motion Design piece that demonstrates a mastery of industry standards and expectations. Interviewing and presentation techniques will be introduced, along with strategies for developing an effective self-promotional campaign.

Our Faculty

MAGES Faculty - A Kader

Kanan Abdul Kader Mohamed Ali

Diploma in Advanced Studies in Character Animation, Animation Mentor, Berkeley, California
MAGES Faculty - Rajesh Chakravarthy

Rajesh Chakravarthy

Master of Arts (Department of Visual Arts), Savannah College of Art and Design, US (Georgia)
MAGES Faculty - Yee Suk Yi

Yee Suk Yi

Digital Designer (UI/UX), Ex Etude House & GSK