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Professional Certificate in Serious Games Using VR

Working for the gaming industry seems like an exciting prospect for many, especially with the unique applications that gaming knowledge can have in alternative industries. Serious games and virtual reality represent a large, and actively growing, industry – with the application of modern game technology in a wide range of areas around medicine, training, education, security and beyond.

VR aims to blend our physical environments and virtual worlds, next-gen gaming experiences will become more visceral and life-like. Players will be able to use their five senses and manipulate their surroundings using their entire bodies instead of just a controller.

Our serious Games course in Singapore prepares you to create some powerful simulations for education, training, strategic messaging, mission planning and scientific visualization.

The Serious Games using VR course allows you to develop the right professional skills to develop computer-based, simulated 3D environments where many users interact using avatars in a real-time platform. Learn 3D interactive simulations with multiple industry applications.

Through the certification in Serious Games, you will be able to learn concepts in creating simulations for learning, terrain modelling and the development of live-training software among other things.

Study Serious Games using Virtual reality and embark on a journey from the game concept document to animation, I/O control, physics, gameplay, artificial intelligence and further on to sound, architecture, scene representation, serialization etc.

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Course Details

Awarded By : MAGES Institute of Excellence
Duration : 3 Months (Full Time)
4 Months (Part Time)
Programme Layout : Full Time – 5 days a week and 3 hours a day
Part Time – 3 days a week and 3 hours a day for Lecture classes
Note : International Students can only opt for Full Time programmes
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Program Highlights

Industry Project

Industry project to give hands on experience and application of the knowledge acquired during the course.


In depth coverage of the subject through 4 modules that includes industry project

Methods of Assessment

Each module will be assessed through a combination of assignment, progression test, attendance and project work.

Graduation Criteria

In order to file for a graduation certificate, the student must have completed and passed all the modules of the course.

Course Module

  • CSG201
    Programming Fundamentals
  • CSG202
    Building 3D Interactive Applications/Simulations
  • CSG203
    Advanced 3D Interactive Virtual Reality
  • CSG204
  • CSG201
    Programming Fundamentals
  • CSG202
    Building 3D Interactive Applications/Simulations
  • CGS203
    Advanced 3D Interactive Virtual Reality
  • CSG204
  • Entry Requirements

    Intake Consideration

    General Interest

    Applicants must have a passion for creation, a love of media and entertainment, and willingness to strive for good results.


    16 years and above

    Academic Qualifications

    No minimum criteria.

    English Proficiency

    Participant should be able to read, write and understand English.

  • Course Intake

    Next Intake

    • TBC

    Please contact our Programme Consultant at +65-65926735 or email [email protected] for more details on Course Start dates and End dates.

    All information is accurate at time of upload. MAGES Institute of Excellence reserves the right to make adjustments based on changes in schedules.