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Basic Illustration

Basic Illustration is an intensive workshop recommended for media practitioners and full-time media students, as well as those with keen interest in illustration. The workshop will equip participants with solid and robust foundation in illustration and enable them to produce characters from their imagination, driven by core observational skills and training in the fundamentals of drawing.

Course Details

Award : Certificate of Participation
Duration : 48 hours
Next Intake : 28th October 2017 - 20th January 2018
  • IMDA Grant Closing: 7th October 2017

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to illustration
  • Basic perspective, light and shadow and the 5 Value system
  • Human and creature structure
  • Basic human anatomy, facial features and rendering
  • Story and concept development stage
  • Development of an illustration – 1 simple character
  • Illustration 2 – book cover image
  • Final Illustration – complex scene

Learning Outcomes

  • Core mastery of skill-sets to create illustrations from imagination
  • Knowledge of important core concepts essential to illustration
  • Learn all the intricate points of illustrations used in books, films, games and fine art
  • Basic skills in creating scenes with characters and creatures in various environment using Adobe Photoshop
  • Knowledge of the illusion of depth and how to apply it to the environment
  • Composition, lighting and perspective techniques that are applicable to various other art and art-related disciplines
  • Semi-professional to professional level of knowledge, presentation and skills required in the illustration industry
  • To gain a great advantage and edge over other students in animation, media, gaming, film, and visual effect schools

Entry Requirements

  • Age: 18 years old and above
  • Recommended for Media Professionals and Freelancers

Eligibility for MDA Grant

  • Full-time Media Professionals, Full-time Media Freelancers, and Fresh Media Graduates
  • Only Singaporeans or PR may apply.


Course Fee after 90% MDA Grant [Inclusive of 7% GST]
  IMPORTANT: MDA Grant application will close 22 days before course starts.
: S$219.16
Course Fee [Inclusive of 7% GST] : S$1378.16

Learned a lot of secrets & tips from the working industry, the lecturer is very dedicated in teaching us.

Eimran's testimonial for Basic Illustration at MAGES


The instructor was very engaging, with a lot of interaction with the students, helping students whenever needed. He taught me a lot of things, which made me really enjoy the class.

Bayu's testimonial for Basic Illustration at MAGES