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Digital Compositing for VFX Production

Compositing is an integral part of the modern digital production process. Perhaps you can have the flexibility of shooting an interview or stand against a backdrop that can be easily changed. Maybe you’re looking to create a fully virtual set that your subject can move through and interact with. You may even be looking to create a Complex Visual Effects sequence with both practical and digital elements combined into a single seamless finished product. This course aims to introduce and develop students’ technical and aesthetic skills in digital compositing relevant to the production of digital visual effects.

Course Details

Award : Certificate of Participation
Duration : 40 hours
Next Intake : 25 Mar 2017 - 27 May 2017
  • IMDA Grant Deadline: 04 Mar 2017
Academic Qualification : No minimum criteria
English Requirements : Participant should be able to read, write and understand English

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Compositing
  • Basic nuke introduction
  • Colour correction and Extraction
  • Advanced extraction
  • Removal rig, wire and tracking
  • Camera tracking basic
  • Nuke 3D Compositing
  • In-depth 3D Compositing
  • Compositing with CGI

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a Broad Range of Approaches to Digital Compositing
  • Develop Skills in Digital Compositing Production Process and its Component Stages
  • Demonstrate the Principles of Compositing Video Production Technologies using Live Action Footage; Computer Graphics (CG), Static Imagery and Photographic Stills
  • Develop Skills in Keying and Green Screen for Seamless Integration Between Live Action and CG Material
  • Demonstrate the Ability to Produce High Quality Visual Effects Material suitable for Distribution or Broadcast
  • Identify and develop an Advanced Visual and Conceptual Knowledge in the area of Digital Post-Production

Entry Requirements

  • Age: 18 years old and above
  • Recommended for Media Professionals and Freelancers

Eligibility for MDA Grant

  • Full-time Media Professionals, Full-time Media Freelancers, and Fresh Media Graduates
  • Only Singaporeans or PR may apply.


Course Fee after 90% MDA Grant [Inclusive of 7% GST]
  IMPORTANT: MDA Grant application will close 22 days before course starts.
: S$456.96
Course Fee [Inclusive of 7% GST] : S$2876.16
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