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Digital Matte Painting Techniques

Efficient use of matte painting in production create grand visions of past, present of future that usually cannot be realized in live action because of time or budget constraints. Digital Matte Painting concentrates on the aspect of background elements for visual effects. Matte painter create set extensions to supplement 3D elements where budget and time constrains my not allow for full 3D implementation. Matte paintings can show us Sci-fi visions of a metropolis, epic fantasy landscapes. Or nearly invisible as everyday set extensions. Even though environments are going more fully 3D, a partially 3D or 2D matte painting can give the illusion of being fully 3D if implemented correctly. This course covers the aspect of creating realistic and dynamic backgrounds using photo references and painting techniques.

Course Details

Award : Certificate of Participation
Duration : 40 hours
Next Intake : 25 Mar 2017 - 20 May 2017
  • IMDA Grant Closing: 04 Mar 2017

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to matte painting
  • Perspectives and composition of a matte
  • Light and atmosphere
  • Scene planning – part 1 & part 2
  • Set extension techniques
  • Photo reference
  • In-depth compositing - layers to finish Matte Painting

Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge of basic techniques and processes of painting
  • Aesthetically creating different digital and matte painting using various digital creative tools
  • Solid understanding of compositional design
  • Apply paint and manipulate image on to a surface in a manner, which creates an illusion of space

Entry Requirements

  • Age: 18 years old and above
  • Recommended for Media Professionals and Freelancers

Eligibility for MDA Grant

  • Full-time Media Professionals, Full-time Media Freelancers, and Fresh Media Graduates
  • Only Singaporeans or PR may apply.


Course Fee after 90% MDA Grant [Inclusive of 7% GST]
  IMPORTANT: MDA Grant application will close 22 days before course starts.
: S$388.96
Course Fee [Inclusive of 7% GST] : S$2448.16
Apocalypse - Digital Matte Painting Techniques - Short Courses - MAGES

It deepen my skills in photoshop, from a basic skill to now able to use so many tools & effects! The lecturer was very good and helpful and patient!

Geok Hong's testimonial for Digital Matte Painting Techniques at MAGES

Geok Hong

Well-paced with sufficent info to get started.

Seng Tat's testimonial for Digital Matte Painting Techniques at MAGES

Seng Tat