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School Holiday Program

Does your child often show a painter’s creative flair or a coder’s innate logic? Is your child drawn towards the beauty of art or exhilarated by games? Let them explore their creative potential with our many fascinating school holiday programs!

At MAGES we offer a range of school holiday classes for kids that allow them to nurture their passions while getting a chance to learn a useful new skill.

  • School Holiday Programmes - Digital Painting
  • School Holiday Programmes - Digital Painting
  • School Holiday Programmes - Games Programming

Professional Level Teaching Staff

With an expert teaching staff that conducts professional level game and graphic art courses, your children will get a head-start in exploring the fascinating world of digital media.

Choose from game programming classes, digital painting classes or various other short school holiday courses that we introduce during the summer and winter holidays. These programmes look at more than just keeping your creative child busy, we work on honing his or her skills and opening doors to a whole new way of expressing themselves.

Unleash Innate Creativity

What may simply be a hobby today can turn into a full-fledged professional opportunity tomorrow. Our Holiday courses for kids introduce them to the basic use of Photoshop and animation, game design, scene layouts, character design and more.

Not your conventional canvas-crayon holiday art class for kids, keeping up with times – at MAGES we aim to introduce modern techniques in art and design to children at an early age.

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