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With an objective to provide the best learning opportunities to every student that enrolls with us at MAGES, a feather in our hat come with some globally recognized affiliations. Through these, our degree pathway students earn an opportunity to gain world-class education and a chance to make progress as competent media professionals. Our Pathway programs are designed to allow students to complete their degree education with some of the leading media and animation programs around the world.

MAGES has multiple articulation pathways with Abertay University, Scotland. Inclusive of 2 Bachelor Degrees and 1 Masters Degree: BSc Computer Games Application Development, BA Computer Arts & MSc Computer Games Technology.

Abertay University, Scotland, United Kingdom

Abertay University, United Kingdom

Students who have successfully completed their Advanced Diploma in Game Design are eligible to pursue your year 3 as a student of the BSc in Computer Games Application Development at this university. Your Diploma in Animation at MAGES is also a great way to enter the 3rd year of the Bsc in Computer Arts program offered at this university.

This Scottish university is the first in the world to ever offer a degree in Computer Gaming. It is also the first in all of the United Kingdom to be recognized as a Centre of Excellence for the programs it offered in the field of Computer Gaming. In spite of having an extremely long history, it is without doubt one of the most modern universities in the country. It is also renowned for its “Dare to be Digital” International Competition for students pursuing the world of Computer Gaming. The university has always been proactive in imparting insights on the most relevant subjects that contribute to today’s economy and society at large.

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