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With an objective of provide the best learning opportunities to every student that enrolls at MAGES, these globally recognized affiliations are more than just a feather in our hat Through these affiliations in the UK and USA, our degree pathway students earn an opportunity to gain world-class education, gain global perspective and make progress as competent media professionals. Our Degree Pathways are designed to allow students to complete their degrees with some of the leading Game Design, Arts & Media Universities in the world.

Abertay University, Scotland, United Kingdom

Abertay University, United Kingdom

Students who have successfully completed their Diploma in Game Design followed by Advanced Diploma in Game Design are eligible to pursue year 3 as a student of the BSc in Computer Games Application Development at Abertay University.

Your Diploma in Animation at MAGES followed by Advanced Diploma in Animation also grants you eligibility for the 3rd year of the Bsc in Computer Arts program at Abertay University.

This Scottish university is the first in the world to ever offer a degree in Computer Gaming. It is also the first in all of the United Kingdom to be recognized as a Centre of Excellence for the programs it offered in the field of Computer Gaming. In spite of having an extremely long history, it is without doubt one of the most modern universities in the country. Abertay is also renowned for its “Dare to be Digital” International Competition for students pursuing the world of Computer Gaming.

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Academy of Arts University (AAU), San Francisco, United States of America

Academy of Arts University (AAU), San Francisco, United States of America

MAGES Institute of Excellence is proud to share a partnership with AAU - bringing to existence articulation pathways for Game Design, Animation and Graphic Design courses. Applying to the Diploma followed by the Advanced Diploma in Game Design & Animation, as well as the Diploma in Communication Design followed by the Specialist Diploma in Motion Graphic Design.

Almost a century old university, the Academy of Art University prepares aspiring professionals in the fields of design, communication and the arts. With more than 17,000 students and 1,400 lecturers the university offers associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in various subjects ranging from Digital Arts to Game and Interactive Media Design, spanning more than 24 faculties related to art.

With Oscar winning Alumni that made remarkable movies like The Revenant and Inside Out – AAU’s student work speaks for itself. When it comes to industry placement, AAU has special recruiters and invited guests from companies like Lucas Arts, Disney, Nike, Nickelodeon and Pixar visiting throughout the year.

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These partnerships will prove to be an amazing platform for our students to extend their learning and widen their perspectives in the opposite end of the world - after having built a strong foundation in Asia’s leading creative tech city, Singapore.