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An Insight into the Game Design Programme

A look into Game Dev Education and what’s in it for you?

So, you want to look into game development and are looking for a school and a programme to fit your needs. However, there are many different paths you can take to become a game developer, even when it comes to specific sector of game development. Today, we will be focusing on the general skills of a game developer, where programming and design knowledge takes center stage.

So why take a game design programme when there are pure programming courses out there, such as computer sciences or software engineering?

The answer of course, lies in what you want. Both paths have their merit; on one hand, taking up a pure programming course would mean options. After all, knowing programming languages would mean that you would be able to apply this knowledge in many different fields. Taking a game design programme is however, more suited for those who are already decided on their career progression as a game developer. It offers a specialised education that other programming courses may not be able to offer. For example, the game development programme at MAGES Institute of Excellence teaches its students 3D game development with Unity 3D, along with the use of other game-specific tools and engines.

Unity in particular, has had recent progress in cross-disciplinary fields such as architecture and medicine, where the use of real-time and interactive displays has meant that the proponents in these fields are able to explain their ideas in a more interactive manner. This has led to a mini-revolution of sorts, with companies seeking out game developers experienced in Unity to join their team. What this has resulted in, is an increase in opportunities for game developers.

A typical game development education will also include design and production modules, which of course, will assist students in their game development career by having a better understanding of the processes of game design.

As with most schools in Singapore, the projects and internships that each programme dishes out is also important in giving the student a hands-on experience. More importantly, their game development specific curriculum also means that the student has a ready-made portfolio that is catered to game development.

Of course, this applies to all specialised courses, and it is ultimately down to your career progression strategy. Would you prefer to be a jack-of-all trades? Or to specialise in one particular trade?

Interested in Game Development programmes? Check out what MAGES Institute has to offer you in terms of programmes! We’d also love to hear your comments on the industry, so don’t forget to leave a comment below!

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