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Animation & Game Programming Courses in Singapore

The creative technology industry in Southeast Asia has not seen better days. Since the turn of the century, large firms have been turning to the region to look for talents, and many have since set up operations in what was long considered a backwater region for creativity. However, while top animation and game studios are yet to hire top executives and management from the region, there are those who have struck it out on their own and had success on their own.

Through my own observations, while large organizations turn to the region for talent, it is unlikely that these people will sit eventually at top management within the organization and there seems to be some reservations still as of now, to put these people in the top decision-making seats.

However, as more locally led international studios make their mark globally, the trend will eventually change. The doubt has never been on the region’s education system. Singapore in particular, has always had an education system that is highly regarded. A graduate student holding a diploma in animation from Singapore’s top institutions and polytechnics for example, could easily land a job in most studios around the world.

Students who take up game programming courses in Singapore also find themselves among the global elites of highly sought-after professionals. Those who are well-versed in the island-nation’s emphasis on developing its human resource talent pool will understand why. The government has pumped in a considerable amount of resource into the area, and its bevy of world-class educational institutions prove its dedication in the subject matter.

Its top University, the National University of Singapore (NUS), stands as Asia’s premier University, ranking 22nd in the 2014 global ranking, whereas its counterpart, the National Technological University (NTU) is followed closely behind at 39th position.

The truth is that with its accessibility, infrastructure, political stability, low-crime rates and global standing, there is no reason why one should overlook the tiny red dot of Southeast Asia.

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