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Considering Gender When Designing Graphics

Soon after having received your graphic design degree you will start working on a number of different projects that involve catering to specific demographics of people. Whether you venture into website development, advertising, media or digital marketing the foundation of your design approach needs to take into account the audience the image should appeal to.

That said, you will also soon realize that your design approach will significantly be influenced by the gender of your target audience. Here are a few things over and above what you learnt through your graphic design degree that you may want to take into account in such scenarios.

Designing for Women
Visuals that Remind them of Themselves

It is often found that women are appealed to visuals that remind them of themselves in an ideal situation. Women like to buy from people who are aware of how they live. Images that make them aspire for a perfect future tends to put women off.

Appealing Stories

Your image should be able to tell a story. Women like to look for connections with their own issues when they are looking at an image that highlights the character’s issues. Find ways to make your image connect with the audience.

Provide Value

Especially if you are working on a website, make sure that you are able to deliver some value right from the first page itself.

Women Love to Share

If your image is able to touch your female audience on a personal level, they will talk about you with everybody. Give your image a few touches that are worth discussing.

Designing for Men
Create Something they can Aspire to have

Contrary to how women think, men like visuals that add to their ambitions. A house they do not own, a hobby they haven’t found the time to inculcate, a car they want to drive. Men are always looking towards the future.

Provide Proof

Whether you are designing a package, advertisement, brochure or website make sure the graphic contains proof that others like what you are buying. Include testimonials or images that convey this message.

Making a Quick Sell

Men tend to make purchases based only on their immediate needs. This means that your graphic design needs to sell to a man quickly, visually and by highlighting amazing benefits. Men tend not to worry about the future value as long as their immediate need is catered to.

Finally, men love to brag. Make sure your visual communication highlights how remarkable your offering is. While they will not give out recommendations as easily as women would, by getting personal with them through your graphics, you can get them engaged to your message.


As a progressing graphic designer at your web design, digital marketing or advertising firm, you may want to go an extra mile understanding the demographic for a new design project. This article discusses the differences in designing for women and for men.

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