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Education in Creative Technology

Education No Longer Limited by Conventional Routes

The idea that the only way to climb the social ladder through conventional means is no longer a valid one, with the awareness of creative industries raised over the years. While there is still some stigma and the undervaluing of creative work in many industries, more is being done to instill the value of design and art in our daily lives.

As such, institutions such as Motion Media Colleges, and Creative Technology institutions have gotten increasing exposure to the youths as jobs within the creative industry becomes a more viable career option. Singapore in particular has become something of a creative hub with multi-national companies coming here to outsource their creative legwork.

Animation, visual effects and motion media in particular have received attention from international production houses, with Hollywood picture houses frequenting Singapore to get much of their work done due to the excellent infrastructure in place. Internationally acclaimed titles such as Godzilla and Pacific Rim have had much of their work done in Singapore.

Much of this has to do with the fact that Singapore has placed a large emphasis on developing its education sector, and to ensure that all colleges and institutions stay updated with the latest industry practices and tools. For example, an animation diploma procured in Singapore speaks volumes about the industry practitioner’s skill level, considering how well their predecessors before them have performed within the industry.

Motion media colleges like MAGES Institute of Excellence, for example, have found their alumni in various illustrious companies despite having only been around for 4 years.

Furthermore, specialised institutions such as MAGES provide education that is close to the industry at heart—meaning that any rapid changes happening within the industry can be monitored and adjusted to accordingly.

For example, the MAGES game design faculty are all trained extensively in the Unity engine, due to its increasing popularity, while public schools still have to go through the red-tape to adjust its curriculum to industry practices. Seeing how rapid the changes are industries immersed in software and technology in general, the need for such specialised institutions are growing in demand.

Interested in going to a Motion Media College, game development programmes or attaining an animation diploma? Why don’t you check out the programmes over at MAGES Institute of Excellence? If committing to a lengthy programme is not your speed, MAGES also holds several short-course programmes, tailored to both hobbyists and practicing professionals or even to students seeking value-added programmes during their holidays.

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