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Getting a Great Start to your Game Character Designing

A Few Things to Consider Before you Start

Before you start working on your character game design, make sure you do so with an open mind. Be prepared to work on more than 2 drafts of your character and work with some patience. Many first time designers with little or no experience and no mentorship for constructive feedback tend to get impatient when designing and end up turning the character around sooner than they should. It is recommended that you work on drawing various versions of the character you are working on first before you finalize a sketch.

Arriving at the Idea for the Character

The first thing you will need to start designing a good character is a great idea. This can come from any source including a person, object or animal with a distinctive personality. Character ideas can be sparked through TV, books, video games, music or any other resource. Closing in on an idea can be pretty challenging. However, at the beginning you should be open to creating a character of any kind that your imagination cooks up. Take downs notes of all the ideas you get and sketch some of them out by hand if you think that helps you.

Finding a Reference for your Character

Once you have a direction on where you want to go with your game character, you can work towards finding any many references as you can. If you are working on an animal, you may want to spend time online going through images and videos of that particular creature to study its bones, muscles and movement. If your character is donning a clothing from a certain time period, the internet is a great resource to look these nitty-gritty’s up as well.

Using the Right Materials

Before you start working on your digital character for the game, it is best to manually draw one using a HB/2B pencil and a printer paper. Printer paper is usually smooth enough and comes in just the right size for you to explore all your research, ideas and potential character features.

It is not time to start creating a character that already has a strong base and some clarity. With this approach you will be able to arrive at some satisfying results.

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