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How to Find Quality Game Development Education

Game development education is a little bit of a niche. A large majority of developers out there actually started out from other backgrounds, only diverging into game development after the completion of their education. So, what can we look out for in a good game development education? Today we will discuss 5 points that could make or break a school’s ability to deliver quality game development education.

i. Relevant to the Times
As a former developer, the number one complaint I had about fresh graduates were their backdated skills. For those who did not take the initiative to pick up the use of game engines and software on their own, fresh graduates were often ill-prepared as they did not have knowledge of recent industry trends.

For example, for someone who has the intention to do game development with Unity 3D, it is difficult to have hired a fresh graduate up until this year because recent graduates had still not been able to pick up on the trend that was Unity 3D.

The reason for this was because schools had not yet invested in the technology, and the lecturers themselves were not armed with the knowledge to teach the students. So when you enter a school, make sure that the software that they are using is current and in line with the industry trends. How do you ensure this?

ii. Closeness to the Industry
It is always a good sign for a school, if they are always closely associated with industry trade partners. It often means that they are up-to-date with industry trends and are also able to assist their students with job placements.

iii. A strong faculty
Schools with a close tie to the industry, often attract former practitioners. These practitioners then are able to directly transfer their knowledge of the industry to the students. Another added advantage is that these mentors are able to set realistic standards for the students, and there is not much of a culture shock for the students when they enter the industry as they have been mentally prepared by the faculty.

iv. Quality Alumnus
An institute with established alumni shows that it is capable of producing students who can make the grade in AAA studios. It doesn’t have to mean that the school has to be steeped in tradition. For example, MAGES Institute of Excellence, despite its short 4-year history, has been capable of producing alumni who work in AAA studios. That’s certainly saying something isn’t it?

v. Bucking Trends
The problem with many schools is that they take too long to buck the trend. Everyone is playing it safe, but let’s be honest, when you’re dealing with the rapid changes of technology like in game development, schools have to be able to adjust their syllabus for the benefit of their students. This flexibility, as was showcased by MAGES when they became the first institution in Singapore to be licensed by Unity 3D to teach game development with Unity 3D, shows the ability to adjust to the times.

There are other factors to consider of course, like the focus on the development of one’s portfolio and skills, considering that game development is after all, a skill-based industry. Are you interested in looking for a quality game development education? Check out the courses at MAGES, and you could just find something to fit your needs. In the meantime, please do leave a comment on the comments section below and let me know what you think. Until next time!

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