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Deciding on your career path as an artist can be tough. Want to find out how MAGES can assist you? Read on to find out!

Being an artist in the creative world means that you have to be very careful about the career path that you choose, and a large part of it has to do with the education and training that you receive. The education at MAGES Institute of Excellence for example, starts you off as a general animator for their arts programme. The diploma in animation, focuses on teaching these budding artists traditional drawing techniques and knowledge such as human/animal proportions, before moving on to teach you the digital tools that an artist will need in today’s digital era.

Graduates from the diploma in animation are then able to move on to the advanced diploma in animation, where they will be offered one of three specialties. They can choose to do the 3D Modeling Courses, which effectively trains them to be a 3D Artist/Modeler/texture artist or even a character game designer among many other things. The Visual Effects route offers them a career in composition, lighting, art direction or in cinematography. The Character Animation route offers them a career in character game design and animation, animator and in rigging.

So how does one go about deciding their career path in such an early stage? MAGES solves that problem for its students by giving a broad education in their first year, during the diploma in animation students are allowed to try their hand at the many aspects of animation to find what their talents are best suited for.

Many of MAGES’ previous students find their answer within the first year of their education, and this shows in their portfolio at the end of the diploma programme. These very students are also given advice tailored to their needs. This of course, is only possible because of the low student-to-lecturer ratio (9:1). Lecturers are able to focus on each student as an individual, and guide them through the curriculum in a manner that is best suited for their talent, wants and needs.

Each of the students’ portfolios are built to best showcase their strengths and aspirations, in order to assist them in their later career. This is important as most employers take the student’s portfolios to be a window to their art direction, capabilities and knowledge.

With the additional fact that MAGES provides job placement assistance for its students, MAGES as an institution has uniquely positioned itself to be a practical place of education, where the end goal is to break into the industry and not to simply gain a diploma.

It is for this very reason that MAGES has attracted interest from students the world over, due to their hands-on approach to the student’s well-being.

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