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Never Too Late to Learn

Thinking of studying and working at the same time? Fear not, you’ve come to the right place.

Lifelong learning… these profound words are simple in its nature, but putting it into practice is another matter altogether. When one gets past a certain age, and responsibilities pile up, as we join the rat race to earn a living for ourselves… we tend to neglect the fact that learning is a lifelong commitment. The truth is that it is a vast world out there, one that is rapidly evolving and changing, and even given our entire lifetimes… it is almost impossible to understand or learn about everything in existence.

Singapore’s government understands this, and promotes an active learning culture. The general public in Singapore have access to subsidies, grants and scholarships to ensure that people of all ages are able to learn and upgrade themselves in spite of their busy schedules.

There are professional training institutes, where working adults can go to in order to upgrade themselves. One such place is MAGES Institute of Excellence, where there are programmes tailored for all ages and commitment levels. From holiday programmes for children, to professional programmes for working adults, picking up or refreshing your particular craft is just an e-mail or call away.

The best part is that they are not limited to just a particular craft either. From programming courses such as unity 3D courses, to art courses such as clay sculpting, most of the programmes at MAGES are even financially backed by MDA, with up to 90% grants on their professional short-courses.

Want to take up concept art courses in Singapore? Then MAGES is the right place to come to as well. With both basic and advanced illustration courses, taught by decorated industry professionals, these heavily subsidised programmes offer a cheap and convenient education, for working adults.

It’s not just at MAGES either. Singapore’s government has made education and training accessible to all, with government bodies such as the WDA, MDA and e2i striving to ensure that fresh graduates, practicing professionals, as well as mid-career switchers all receive the help that they need. The WDA for example, is always collaborating with training institutes to ensure that citizens remain employable.

Even public schools like polytechnics host workshops ideal for the working crowd, who are unable to commit large amounts of time. These professional workshops are hosted over a short period of time, as opposed to the part-time studies that are held on weekday nights—showing that education institutes offer a variety of programmes for people with differing commitment levels.

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