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Students flock to Singapore for Illustration Courses

Pursuing Illustration Courses in Singapore

Students have never had it so good. In this day and age where creativity, innovation and accessibility has been given a boost due to the advancement of technology—students are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the best education. With its modern facilities and state-of-the-art infrastructure, Singapore has seen a constant influx of international students in recent years as it stakes its claim to be the region’s premiere educational hub.

The Creative Technologies faculty in particular has seen demand rise in recent years, with many businesses moving away from the use of traditional media to propagate their products and services. A quick peek online for example, will bring out the names of many reputed institutions offering the best illustrations courses in Singapore. These courses are designed to arm students and prepare them for the industry in the most efficient way possible.

With illustration courses ranging from Basic Illustration to the more advanced illustration courses and other related courses such as the 3D digital sculpting courses, character game design, as well as courses for graphic design in Singapore.

Why study Illustration?

So why take up illustration courses? After all, is it not simply the refinement of one’s god given talent to draw? Does one really require a certificate to prove that one can illustrate?

Well, the answer is yes and no.

While it is true that one’s creativity and proficiency in illustration can be (and should be) refined through constant practice on one’s own time, institutes do more than just provide aspiring illustrators with paper qualifications. The first and strongest argument one could make, is that institutions can provide aspiring illustrators with a handle on industry practices and standards. An illustrator after all, is often involved right from conceptualization, to pre-production, production as well as post-production. As such it is imperative that prospective students look for an institution with established connections to the industry, and are able to provide them with internships or job placements.

Of course, there are other arguments that make first-class institutions in Singapore attractive for aspiring illustrators. The schools would also be responsible in certifying quality candidates; those who have mastered the art of illustration and attained a level of proficiency in the tools widely used by industry professionals.

Make a mark, and take your first big step into world of film, animation, visual effects, gaming or even the media at large. Check the details out today, and join one of the best Illustration courses in Singapore.

What’s in it for me?

A creative mind is a beautiful thing – but it needs the right tools, and the know-how to use these tools, to help turn an abstract idea into something tangible. Here’s a brief outline on some of the illustration courses on offer in Singapore.

Basic Illustration

  • Introduction to Illustration
  • Basic Perspective, Light and Shadow and the 5 Value System
  • Human and Creature Structure
  • Basic Human Anatomy, Facial Features and Rendering
  • Story and Concept Development Stage
  • Development of an Illustration – 1 Simple Character
  • Illustration 2 – Book Cover Image
  • Final Illustration – Complex Scene

Advanced Illustration

  • Thumbnail Creation
  • Rough Selection
  • Rough finalization
  • Value Compositions
  • Colour Selections
  • Final Rendering

Digital Painting Courses in Singapore

  • Introduction to the tools on Photoshop; Basic creation of characters through silhouette and thumbnails
  • Proportion of human figures and creature structures
  • Colour toning and application on characters; Basic lighting effects
  • Introduction to environment and character animation
  • Application materials and paint to models
  • Sculpture techniques
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