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The Importance of Integrating 3D Modeling Courses in the Diploma in Animation

3D Modeling has always been an integral part of Animation, but most Diploma in Animation courses take a generalised approach when it comes to the modules. At that level, students often only skim the surface and have only an artificial knowledge of 3D Modeling.

The recent graduates from MAGES Institute of Excellence however, displayed their proficiency with 3D Modeling, going beyond the use of MAYA and even showing their expertise with the Zbrush software. It was clear from their portfolio that the students had chosen their career paths, and were then expertly guided by the lecturers and mentors on how to build their portfolio based on their chosen path.

Knowledge in 3D Modeling means that these students are able to branch into multiple industries. Product Design, Interior Design, Architectural Visualization and Aviation are amongst the many industries that have opened the doors for 3D Modelers, besides that of the traditional industries such as Game Development and Animation.

MAGES’ ability to customize the content of their education in accordance to the student is due to the fact that they have a small student to lecturer ratio (9:1) and thus are able to put in a personal touch. This intimate level of education is rarely seen in the tertiary level where lecture classes often number between 200-300 people a class.

Of course, for those who have already taken their diploma in animation elsewhere, and wish to specialise in 3D Modeling, MAGES offers professional short courses as well. Meant for working professionals and others who wish to supplement their skill, the 3D Modeling Courses will see students be taught by practicing professionals who will act as their mentors. For those interested in picking up either a diploma in animation or a 3d modeling course in MAGES, the school holds several intakes a year. It should also be mentioned that many of the school’s professional short courses are heavily subsidised and supported by the government (up to 90%). For those seeking to brush up on their 3D Modeling skills, there really is no reason to not check out the programmes MAGES has to offer.

Well, that’s all the time that we have for today. Do leave any questions or comments in our comment section below. Until next time, adios!

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