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Want a different spin to your weekend hobby classes? Find out what MAGES has to offer you!

MAGES offers those interested in Creative Technology a chance to pick up skills they otherwise would not have had the opportunity in their previous occupations or course of study. Today, we’ll focus on game development, and some of the courses that could very well fit your creative needs.

How many of us out there have played a game, and thought hey that’s a great idea, but it needs a couple of adjustments. Some of us have even probably come up with totally original ideas that never see the light of development… simply because we did not have the skills, resources, and contacts.

Well, fret not. For starters, you could easily put out a simple mobile game should you pick up the skills offered in the game programming courses for iPhone at MAGES. Having the ability to replicate your ideas into something tangible is a priceless skill, and what more with the 90 percent subsidy given by MDA, it is something that aspiring game developers should definitely look into.

For those seeking to pick up something other than programming skills, MAGES also offers design programmes. For example, the Level Design Course for Games teaches budding game designers the principles of designing the look and feel of a game based on the tools available, as well as the importance of functionality, and what each designer should be looking out for while designing a game. Level designers are after all, an important aspect of what makes a game fun and intriguing. To do this, one must understand that each and every function within the level of a game is created with the purpose of making the player/user enjoy a specific experience or trigger a certain emotion.

Still curious? There are a ton of other courses available for those seeking to learn something different and outside of what is usually offered in other institutes. Claysculpting for one, has proven to be a popular course amongst those seeking a creative outlet on their weekends.

The best part about all this (besides the huge subsidies available), is that at MAGES, the mentors who take the classes are all practicing professionals from the industry. Many of them have backgrounds from studios with household names such as Koei and Ubisoft, and are able to rub off their industry expertise to the students.

Want to find out more? Just leave your thoughts in the comment box below and we’ll be glad to get back to you!

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