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  • Download Campaign Office in App Store
  • Download Campaign Office in App Store

What is the game about?

Get a taste of Singaporean politics with Campaign Office! A fun and educational resource management game made by the students of MAGES. As the big boss at a campaign office, you’ll have free reign over its all major decisions. From hiring and firing staff to finding the right theme and message for your campaign -- you call all the shots. Along the way, you’ll also learn Singapore’s key government figures and iconic mascots.


  • Original Pixelated Game Art
  • Singapore’s iconic government figures and agency mascots as characters
    • There is information on characters so you can learn more about them in-game
  • Personnel Management System with 4 character stats
    • Hire and Fire
    • Training with Incremental Costs
  • Campaign Stat System to measure effectiveness (score) of player
    • 5 basic stats
    • Multiplier based on match and campaign stats
  • Mix and Match campaign raising system: match different options to find the correct formulas for campaigns
  • Timed Game Events such as elections
  • Cheat Codes System
  • Endless Game Play

How to play

Even if you haven’t the slightest idea about the workings of Singaporean politics, you’ll still find plenty to love about Campaign Office. The core gameplay is all about resource management. You have a limited amount of time and money to create campaigns that will hopefully improve the lives of your constituents.

To mount successful and effective campaigns, you’ll need to find the find the right mix of message, subject, and target audience. Your success depends heavily on your office’s employees; so you must choose your personnel wisely.


The object of the game is to mount successful campaigns and eventually improve your staff office. When planning a campaign, you will need to find the right mix of target market, subject, and item. Once you decide on your strategy, the campaign will run for in-game 20 days.

The better your campaign, the more followers your office gains. Your reward at the end of the campaign is determined by the amount of followers you attract; so choose wisely.


To further improve your performance, it’s crucial that you hire the right staff for your office. Pay attention to each of your employees five stats: Energy, Creativity, Content, Artwork, and Outreach. Every stat except Energy can be raised through training, so try and look for workers with innately high energy.

Donation Drives

To earn additional funds for your office, you can hold up to three donation drives per year. The amount of money you earn from these events is directly tied to your follower count.

The game ends when your office’s cash reserves are depleted.


Elections are held every three years and are free to enter. Votes are determined by your cumulative follower count from campaigns and the new followers you gain during the election period. If you are elected minister, you gain access to nationwide campaigns which can boost your office’s reach even further.

Project Premise

All art assets are created by ourselves. We did not obtain permission from the various agencies to use their mascots as in-game characters and will not bear any repercussion consequences from its use.

All source code were written in-house.

Entire project was developed in approximately 2 months.


  • Wei Ren - Lead Developer
  • Zhan Hui - Designer
Campaign Office Game Screenshot
Campaign Office Game Screenshot
Campaign Office Game Screenshot