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What is the game about?

Luxidreams is an adorable graphics game, and a mind blowing puzzle for gamers. Each level has unique method of solving interesting problems. Player acts as a lovable character, "Bear", striving to find their way out from the limbo…


  • Puzzle Game
  • Wonderful Graphics with Cute Character
  • Relaxing Background music
  • Good for the brain

How To Play

Find a way out by controlling the joystick to move your character. You don’t need to press the joystick and drag it in order to move around. As long as your finger is near the joystick, the joystick will follow your finger position.

You have two weapons, the Frost and the Fire. Frost freezes the enemy which will allow you to carry it. If the enemy is frozen, shooting Fire will unfreeze the enemy. Shooting a Fire if the enemy is not frozen will destroy the enemy.

To lift a box or frost enemy, you need to step on top of it and press the Lift Button. To bring down an object simply press the lift button again.

Project Premise

All Art assets are taken from the Unity Asset Store.


  • Jexter Bacus – Project Manager/Lecturer
  • Eric Si – Game Developer
Luxidreams Game Screenshot
Luxidreams Game Screenshot
Luxidreams Game Screenshot