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What is the game about?

Pipe City is a fun and educational simulation game created by the students of MAGES. Inspired by World Water Day 2015’s theme of “Water and Sustainable Development,” the game puts you in the shoes of a city planner tasked with helping the country of Singapore achieve water self-sustenance. With the country’s second imported water contract with Malaysia set to expire in 2061, players will be in a race against time to put the Lion City on the path towards self-sufficiency.

Over the course of 60 in-game years, players will have to manage and develop the country’s water plants, pipelines, and other infrastructure to meet the goal. It won’t be an easy task. To succeed, you must carefully manage your funds and plan out your pipe network wisely.

By the end of the game players will have identified Singapore’s four national taps, define Singapore’s plan for future water development, and hopefully learned a thing or two about the importance of water and its role in building a nation.

How To Play

The object of Pipe City is to successfully supply water to all housing Condominiums. To do this, you will to carefully lay out a network of pipelines. The game ends on the year 2061.

There are two separate pipelines that you will manage: the supply and sewage lines. You can switch between the two by selecting pressing the tab key.

Supply Pipeline

The supply pipeline is denoted by silver pipes. This pipeline supplies water from the water tanks to housing communities.

Sewage Pipeline

The Sewage pipeline is denoted by bronze pipes. This pipeline should be connected from the housing condominiums to one of the four sewage outlets at the side of the map.

Placing Pipes

To place a pipe, select your desired shape from the toolbar at the bottom of your screen. You can rotate its position by clicking on the middle mouse button. Once you are satisfied with its orientation, left click to place it.

If you are unsatisfied with a pipe’s placement, you can recycle it by hitting the R key and left clicking on pipe you want to remove. Be careful! Recycling will only give you a small fraction of the pipe’s original cost.

Periodically, you will also have to repair rusted pipes by hitting the F key.


Once you have supply pipes connected to a housing community, it’s time to start supplying water. Left click to fill a water tank with water from your reserve. Water is earned by purchasing from the toolbar or through watering gathering facilities. Water tanks not connected to any housing community will waste water if filled, so only fill tanks that are connected to condominiums.

Facilities and Upgrades

To end Singapore’s dependency on water imports, you will need to invest in facilities. These are costly, but will slowly generate water passively, reducing the need to purchase water. Click on the upgrade button to see which facility best suits your strategy.


Each community successfully supplied with water will give you currency every 30 days.

Project Premise

All art assets are legally acquired through the Unity Asset Store and other open art websites, in addition to some being created in-house.

All source code were written in-house except for Singleton.cs.

No 3rd-party plugins were used. Entire project was developed in approximately 2 months.


  • Ng Jun Xian - Artist/Designer
  • Justin Lim - Lead Programmer
  • Tracy Wong- Programmer/Designer
Pipe City Game Screenshot
Pipe City Game Screenshot
Pipe City Game Screenshot