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What is the game about?

Rotator is a unique puzzle game where you find a way to shoot the ball into the hole by rotating the cylinder at 45 degree angles. While finding a way to shoot the ball, the animated background of the falling particles and the music allows you to unwind while having fun. To achieve a three-star reward, you need to shoot the ball within the least number of steps possible.

This project was done by a student of MAGES Institute of Excellence, Singapore. All art assets are outsourced.


  • Puzzle Game
  • 12 Classic Levels to unlock
  • Relaxing background and background music
  • Good for the brain

How To Play

Just swipe the Cylinder or the Knob to rotate it. Once the knob rotates, it stops when it reaches 45 degrees of rotation. Once the Knob rotates 45 degrees, the ball will fall. Guide the ball towards the hole with the minimum number of rotations to win 3 stars.

Project Premise

All art assets are legally outsourced to meet the quality standards of the game.


  • Jexter Bacus – Project Manager/Lecturer
  • Jeffrey Wong – Game Developer
  • Outsource – Art assets
Rotator Game Screenshot
Rotator Game Screenshot
Rotator Game Screenshot