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  • Download Vanguards of the Realm in App Store

What is the game about?

Vanguards of the Realm is a 3rd Action role-playing game made by the students of MAGES. Protect the realm from dark forces by creating your hero and venturing forth into the underworld. As you progress through the labyrinth’s dangerous dungeons and corridors, you will collect new weapons, armor, and magical items that will aid you in your quest. Switch your style of combat on the fly with the game’s flexible, weapon-based class system. To make it out alive, you’ll need to need to upgrade your character wisely by choosing the right mix of stats and skills. Do you have what it takes to defend the realm?


War ended...or so as it seems. The Vanguards of the Realm has driven all evil forces back to their corrupted realm. A report came in, a town festered with same forest pests. A novice, not even qualified to be Vanguard Gate Keeper, was given a simple task to investigate the report.

Silence and burnt rubble are the only things that greeted the novice. The report was clearly under-appreciated The whole town was dead!

Then, faint screams came out of a nearby cave. A survivor!

No time to call the Vanguards… our hero chose to descend into the dark chasm...into the Underworld.

How To Play

Character Creation

To begin your journey, create a profile and customize your character’s appearance, once satisfied hit play to begin.


To move around the game world, simply point and click at a location. Left clicking on enemies will make your character attack them.

Skill System

Players are not locked into one single class in Vanguards of the Realm. You can freely switch between melee, ranged, and magic combat by cycling through your weapons using keys 3, 4, and 5. The weapon you have equipped determines the skills you have at your disposal.

To view your skills, hit the S key. To equip a skill for battle, drag it onto the action bar on the right hand side of the screen. You can have up to four equipped skills per weapon type. They are activated via the keys Q, W, E, and R respectively.

There are three types of skills in Vanguards of the Realm.

Explicit Skills – Once activated, you can use an explicit skill by clicking on your right mouse button

Active Skills – These are triggered by pressing the corresponding keyboard shortcut.

Passive Skills – Once placed on your action bar, passive skills will give a constant bonus to your character.

Loot and Items

Each slain enemies will have a chance to drop new weapons and armor that will improve your character. To view your inventory, hit the I key. To equip an item, simply drag it from your inventory onto one of your character’s weapon or armor slots.

To equip potions, drag them onto the action bar on the left hand side of your screen.

Leveling Up

Defeating enemies grants you experience points that will level up your character and give you access to higher tier skills. The weapon you have equipped will determine which one of your skill trees receives the XP.

Project Premise

All art assets are legally acquired through the Unity Asset Store and other open art websites.

All source code were made in-house except for UICharacterSelect and UIDragObject from RnM GUI.

No 3rd party plug-ins or algorithm were used. Entire project was developed in 2+ months.


  • Justin Lim
  • Tracy Wong
  • Tan Yee Ann
  • Sergil Giorano Dolmans
  • John David Uy - Lecturer
Vanguards of the Realm Screenshot
Vanguards of the Realm Screenshot
Vanguards of the Realm Screenshot