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Industry Engaged Learning

At MAGES we offer to our students a variety of programs and initiatives that help them connect with the industry for enhanced learning and professional opportunities. Industry Engaged Learning team is more than happy to guide students in finding internships and leveraging opportunities such as working on industry projects, attending Master Classes by experts from the media sector and showcasing their work to these experts.

Industry Partnerships

MAGES has invested significant effort towards partnering with the right brands or companies in the Media, Animation, Design and Gaming sector. Our impressive list of industry partners welcome qualified students to intern with them or work on projects that enhance learning and facilitate professional growth.

  • MAGES partnership with Killer Lobster PTE LTD
    Killer Lobster Pte Ltd
  • MAGES partnership with Serious Games International
    Serious Games International
  • MAGES partnership with Playware Studios Asia
    Playware Studios Asia
  • MAGES partnership with SBA Mobile Solutions LLP
    SBA Mobile Solutions LLP
  • MAGES partnership with ARzap Studio PTE LTD
    ARzap Studio Pte Ltd
  • MAGES partnership with Neeuro
    Neeuro Pte Ltd

Master Classes

Students also get a chance to learn from the best, first hand! With some of the leading industry experts on board, students are able to attend our master classes to delve deeper into specialized or niche concepts.

  • Master Class - Agustin Cavalieri
    Agustin Cavalieri

    VFX Film Credits: Jupiter Ascending (2015), Robocop (2014), The World's End (2013), Fast and Furious 6 (2013), Captain Phillips (2013), Les Miserables (2012), The Bourne Legacy (2012), Total Recall (2012), John Carter (2011), Battleship (2011)

  • Master Class - E2i
    Master Class E2i


Unleash, is an annual event at MAGES where our students get a chance to exhibit their work and get assessed by some of the best minds in the Media and Design sector. With a chance to be critiqued by industry leaders, students pave a path to excellence!