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Student Handbook

MAGES Student HandbookMAGES Student Handbook contains essential information for new and current students, including details of academic support services and activities. The Student Handbook aims to provide information about the policies, procedures, rules and regulations of MAGES that are essential to know.

Students are required to read every section of the handbook and familiarize themselves with the content.

Information in the handbook is accurate at the time of upload. MAGES reserves the rights to withdraw or revise any information contained in the handbook without prior notice.

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MAGES Student Attendance

International Students

Under the Immigration Act of Singapore, all international students holding a Student’s Pass must not be absent for a continuous period of seven (7) days or more or that the percentage of attendance for the course in any month must not fall below 90% without a valid reason. Students will be required to surrender their Student’s Pass for cancellation if they does not satisfy the attendance requirement.

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    As part of the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) requirements, all international students should spend at least 5 hours per day in the Institute, attending classes, tutorials, doing individual/group projects/ assignments and participating in enrichment activities and co-curriculum activities.

Local Students

Full-time students enrolled in MAGES must attend all classroom lessons and work experience days to obtain their qualification. Non-attendance must be supported with a medical certificate or approved leave of absence. A student may be barred from exams if his/her attendance falls below 90% for each course of study in case of full time students and 85% in case of Part Time students. In addition, the student may not be placed out for fieldwork practicum (if any) if his/her attendance is less than satisfactory.

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    Full-time student who is absent from class/session must submit documentary proof covering the period of absence to the Student Services Office within three (3) working days to avoid being penalized for missing classes. Documentary proofs that are valid include

    • Approval of Leave by MAGES.
    • Medical certificates issued by a registered hospital, polyclinic or clinic of Singapore.
    • Letter from parents or legal guardian explaining student’s absence with valid reason/s (subject to acceptance by MAGES).
    • Documentary proof explaining your absence for any unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances (subject to acceptance of MAGES).

Leave Application

Student should avoid making an application for leave if the period of leave involves missing classes, assessments, field trips, or any other scheduled events. If student has an application for leave where the period of leave involves missing the above mentioned activities, there will not be any make up lessons and/or assessments. In such case, the student could fail the module/level and may have to repeat the whole course or module / level, depending on the course requirements.

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    If student is planning to travel outside of Singapore:

    • Do not make any travel arrangement, including the commitment of money, before leave approval is granted.
    • Once the leave is approved, - Students must provide a copy of the return air ticket or boarding pass to the Student Services Office immediately.
    • Student must promptly return to MAGES to attend scheduled classes on the day after the end of your approved leave period.

    If student wishes to apply for leave, he/she should adhere to the following procedures:

    • Should seek permission from your respective lecturer/s of such intention.
    • Must complete the Student’s Leave Application Form and submit it to our Student Services Office at least 7 working days before the intended date of leave.
    • Parent’s formal letter of consent to the application and to absolve MAGES responsibilities for any disruption to study in Singapore is required if the student is below the age of 18 (an indication of approval to travel plan from your parents or legal guardian is also required if travelling out of Singapore during the period of leave).
    • Student might be required to meet with the respective staff in-charge in case of any query to the application.
    • MAGES shall inform you on the outcome of the application – a copy of the leave application form indicating the outcome will be returned to the student.

Medical Leave

If the student is absent from class/session due to medical reasons, he/ she should adhere to the following procedures:

  • Contact the MAGES Student Services Centre to inform about his/her absence.
  • Student must complete the Student’s Leave Application Form and submit it along with original valid medical certificate/s covering the period of absence to our Student Services Centre immediately upon your return to the School.
  • Medical certificates other than those issued by a registered hospital, polyclinic or clinic of Singapore will not be accepted for the application.

Assessment and Grading

MAGES Student Assessment and Grading

Course Assessment

MAGES communicates following course assessment information to all students before course commencement:

  • Final and continual assessment frequency and schedule
  • Assessment modes
  • Criteria for grading and awards, and
  • Assessment weightage

Assessment Process

MAGES clearly communicates all necessary examination information (where applicable) in a timely manner to all students:

  • Exam timetable
  • Exam venues
  • Exam duration

All major (end of course or end of module) assessment papers are approved by examination board.
MAGES has a process to ensure the validity, reliability and fairness of all assessment papers.

Assessment Results

MAGES informs students of the assessment results and award in a timely manner.

MAGES has procedures to ensure that students meet the progression criteria before they are allowed to proceed to the next level/course.

MAGES has procedure to ensure that students meet the award criteria before awarding the certificate to uphold the standards and integrity of the courses offered. All awards will be approved by the examination board.

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    Assessment modes will include any or a combination of the following:

    • Online or class discussion
    • Project work (individual or group)
    • Research work
    • Debate
    • Presentation (individual/group)
    • Daily assignments (written or oral)
    • Continual class tests or quizzes
    • Practical tests (where applicable)
    • End-of-course exams, etc.

    Where varied assessments are present, MAGES will communicate the different weightage (i.e. the percentage of the assessment towards the final grade) to the students in a timely manner.

    Final exam results will be released within three months upon completion of the final examination and/or assignment of the course.

Grading System

All grades would be moderated and issued by the Examination Board. The grades of award are indicative as follows:

Grade Marks
Distinction 80% and above
Credit 65% – 79.99%
Pass 50% to 64.99%
Refer (Fail) Below 50%
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    • Please note that student must pass the examination in order to pass the subject.
    • If a student has failed a subject because an essential component for the subject has not met the minimum requirement but the aggregate score for the assessment is greater than or equal to 50%, or a participant has a mark that fails in the range of 45 – 49%, the participant upon the recommendation of the Examination Board may be granted a supplementary assessment, the nature of which shall be determined by the Examination Board in consultation with the subject lecturer.
    • Supplementary assessments may include assignment or examination (project). The student will be informed by the centre on the deadline of the supplementary assessments.
    • Upon successful completion of the supplementary assessment, the ‘Refer’ grade shall be changed to a ‘Pass’ grade.
    • Should a student fail the supplementary assessment leading to a failure of the subject, he/ she is required to retake the whole subject when it is offered again. A retake is defined as a re-enrolment and re-study of a course in a manner that is appropriate academically.
    • There should not be more than two supplementary assessments during the course of study. If a participant failed a third subject, he/ she is required to retake the subject.