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IMDA Grant

Digital Anatomy for Artists

Go beyond Digital Sculpting with Zbrush Software

Course Detail

Course Details

Award : Certificate of Completion

Duration: 30 hours

Course Schedule: 5 Weeks | Two evenings a week

Topics Covered

  • Anatomical Terminology
  • Introduction to digital sculpting Interface and the tools
  • Principles of Character Design- form and composition
  • Create a Base Skeletal Mesh and Create References for Human Anatomy
  • Understand the structure and the contours on the skull surface
  • Facial Anatomy – Important of muscles on the face and their functions
  • The human body and the importance of muscle study
  • Sculpting the torso
  • Muscular and Skeletal Anatomy – legs, arms, and hand sculpting
  • Refining the body – Principles of Modeling for Character
  • Merge the human head and body to form the character
  • Composition of the Digital Human Character
  • Polish the Digital Human Sculpt

Entry Requirements

  • Age: 16 years old and above recommended
  • Open to all Singapore Residents (Including citizens, PR, LTVP Holders)

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the ability to use industry-standard software in the sculpting of characters.
  • Improve personal perception of human anatomy, form, contours, gesture, and rhythm for human sculpture.
  • Enhance perception regarding concepts of 3D modeling.
  • Obtain a detailed understanding of human anatomy in the construction of 3D character models.

Software Taught

  • Zbrush


ParticularsFull FeesSingaporeans 40 Yrs Old and AboveSingaporeans below 40yrs & PRSSME Sponsored Singaporeans & PR
Subsidy (Grant) in %up to 90%up to 70%up to 90%
Fees (Inclusive of 7% GST) (S$)$1980$306$666$306
(Self-sponsored students can use Skills Future Credit, PSEA grant, UTAP, and SFEC)

  • 75% attendance is mandatory to complete the programme
  • The student should submit and must pass the prescribed assessment (i.e. Practical Project)

*For grant eligibility, please contact us.

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Adeeb Md.

Diploma in Visual Effects (Specialisation in Animation)

Adeeb is the Co-founder and Creative Director at Kinetiquettes. Adeeb has 11 years of professional experience. Adeeb has worked as an Animator at Ubisoft Singapore with over 7 years. He also worked at Tecmo Koei, known for their Dynasty Warrior series. He specializes in game animation and development of interactive cinematic experiences. He most notably worked on the behaviour animations for the underwater missions in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.

Student Testimonial

Student Testimonials

Zhi Jie, Digital Sculpting Student

One of the best times of my life. The lecturer was amazing and everyone stood by one another. Through this course, I have improved past my wildest expectations

Student Testimonial
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