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Game Business Management

Navigate your game product from pitching to profits

Course Detail

Course Details

Award : WSQ Statement of Attainment (WSQ E-Certificate)

Duration: 49 hours

Course Schedule: 2 days/ week for 8 weeks

Topics Covered

  • Business of Games
  • Types of Funding
  • Finding the Right Investor
  • Funding Your Game
  • Creating Your Financial Plan
  • Approach and Prepare for Negotiation
  • Negotiating and Closing the Financial Deal
  • Define Crowdfunding
  • Types of Crowdfunding
  • Risks and opportunities
  • Steps to Launch a Crowdfunding offering
  • Evaluating Returns

Entry Requirements

  • Age: 18 years old and above
  • Recommended for current Game Developer
  • Open to both Singaporean & International Students (Including PR, Student Pass, Work Permit, S Pass & E Pass)

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the possible source of funding including various types of private equity, angel investors and non-traditional sources
  • Assess the suitability of different funding options for a given business
  • Create a business plan that includes the key elements like Company Description, Market Analysis, platform, monetization potential, audience, etc. required to bring the business to market.
  • Select and justify a funding source which is appropriate for the business case
  • Understand how to lead discussions that arise during funding negotiations
  • Crowdfunding – For a given scenario – the learner will be able to
  • Identify and describe the opportunities and key financial risks facing the business
  • Gauge the Fundraising Effort made, make appropriate changes and validate the pitch ideas and projects

Software Taught

  • Google Docs/ Slides
  • Power Point


Full feesSingapore Citizens
aged 40 yrs & above
Singapore Citizens &
PRs sponsored by SME
Singapore Citizens
below 40 yrs
old & PRs
Funding0up to 90%up to 90%$735
With GST
(in accordance with SSG’s computation)

(Self-sponsored students can use Skills Future Credit, PSEA grant, UTAP and SFEC)


A unique learning experience combining academic leadership and first-hand experience from world-class educators.

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Thomas O’Dell

Adjunct Lecturer in MAGES Institute of Excellence and Republic Polytechnic
B.A Honours in Computer Science, University of Toronto, Canada

With over 25 years of working experience, in companies such as ICONIX International and Delcan Corporation in Toronto, Canada. Thomas has played a key role in developing the Automatic Fare Collection System for the Taiwan High Speed Rail in Taipei. His significant experience in the IT industry enriches both his industrial training and his academic teaching. He has teaching experience in subjects like Games Programming at various Singaporean institutions.

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