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Indie Game Development

Design, organize and build the game prototype using Unity

Course Detail

Course Details

Award : WSQ Statement of Attainment (WSQ E-Certificate)

Duration: 36 hours

Course Schedule: 1 Friday & 4 Saturday

Topics Covered

  • Game Design
  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Designing and coding game play systems
  • Game play programming
  • Developing a prototype game

Entry Requirements

  • Age: 18 years old and above
  • Recommended for Media Professionals and Freelancers
  • Open to both Singaporean & International Students (Including PR, Student Pass, Work Permit, S Pass & E Pass)

Learning Outcomes

  • Create a game design documentation that addresses game objectives, game engines, game platforms, genre, perspective, rules of play, interface, graphics, and sound.
  • Conceptualize, design a playable level and apply behaviors to the player
  • Apply scripting and mathematical concepts for game development
  • Develop a game prototype and implement effective production, testing techniques through all phases of game development

Software Taught

  • Unity
  • C#



ParticularsFull FeesCitizens Qualified for Workfare Training SupportSingaporeans 40 Yrs Old and AboveSingaporeans Below 40 Yrs & SPRSME Sponsored Singaporeans & PR
Subsidy (Grant) in %0%95%90%$67590%
Fees (Inclusive of 7% GST) (S$)$2354$264$374$1679$374
(Self-sponsored students can use Skills Future Credit & PSEA grant)

NOTE: Media Freelancers will get $7.50 Allowance per hour




A unique learning experience combining academic leadership and first-hand experience from world-class educators.

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Nanda Ye Aung

Lecturer at MAGES Institute of Excellence
Master Degree in Computer Science, University of Yangon, Myanmar

Nanda has a remarkable experience in the IT industry and the education industry specially in the field of 3D Graphic Animation, Game Programming and Game Development & Design. Nanda is a Unity Certified Developer, in addition to having certification from Microsoft and Oracle. Nanda has working experience in United States, India and Singapore. With his excellent communication and interpersonal skills, he proves to be a truly commendable and valuable lecturer for MAGES.

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Thomas O’Dell

Adjunct Lecturer in MAGES Institute of Excellence and Republic Polytechnic
B.A Honours in Computer Science, University of Toronto, Canada

With over 25 years of working experience, in companies such as ICONIX International and Delcan Corporation in Toronto, Canada. Thomas has played a key role in developing the Automatic Fare Collection System for the Taiwan High Speed Rail in Taipei. His significant experience in the IT industry enriches both his industrial training and his academic teaching. He has teaching experience in subjects like Games Programming at various Singaporean institutions.

Student Testimonial

Student Testimonials

Student Testimonial
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