Faculties- Industry Professionals | MAGES Institutes, Singapore


Please Click Here for a list of CPE Registered Lecturers

Rajesh Chakravarthy

Academic Director | Unreal Engine Authorised Instructor

Quentin Gabriel

Program Director | Senior Concept Artist

John David B. Uy

Lecturer | Programmer

Schweitzer Manuel


Lim Si Jie

Lecturer | Data Scientist

Nanda Ye Aung

Lecturer | Unreal Engine Authorised Trainer

Kobe Sek

Mentor | Art Director | Concept Artist

Banya Tungprasert


Diana Wang


Gaurav Kumar

Lecturer | Character Artist

Jimmy Ling

Lecturer | Art Director

Manfred Lim ZJ

Lecturer | Web Developer

Kelly Bender

Lecturer | Lead Narrative Designer (Elex)

Manuj Chandra

Lecturer | Data Science Professional

Aditya Dwivedi

Lecturer | Technical Rigger

Ian Ngoh

Lecturer | Game Programmer, Sound Designer

Jiang Anxiong, Jeffrey


Siew Zhi Zhong, Jerome

Lecturer | Resident Producer

Mohd Zaki Bin Ragman

Illustrator | Creative Director | Lecturer

Thomas O’Dell

Adjunct Lecturer

Chan Haoran, Luther

Lecturer | Founder (Explosive Barrel)

Huang Ruiliang Dominic

Adjunct Lecturer | Game Designer

Justin Ho


Noraswan bin Mohamed


Mohamed Afiq

Lecturer | Web Developer


Nirmal David

Animation Director (Cirqus Studios)

Enrique Caballero

CG & Character Department Supervisor (One Animation Studio)

Philipp Dobrusin

Concept Artist (2K, Rocksteady, Eidos Montreal, EA & more

Raymond Tan

Senior Concept Artist (Ubisoft, UK)

Patrick Balou

Concept Artist (Ubisoft, Rhino Games, & more)

Buren Erdene Altankhuyag

Concept Artist (Toruru's Adventure, Anime & more)

Marco Gorlei

Senior Concept Artist (WoW : Battle for Azeroth and more)

Gaetan Perrot

Senior Environment Artist (Ubisoft, UK)

Julio Bencid

Character Designer/Illustrator

Adeeb Md.

Mentor | Creative Director