Advanced Diploma in Entertainment Design

Concept Artists are both storytellers and problem-solvers for the entertainment industry. Whether venturing into film, animation, or video games, Concept Artists build worlds wholly within their imagination. MAGES Institute is one of the best Concept Art Schools for students to get started on this path. Our program will give participants the necessary mindset and techniques to establish value from their passion for this amazing career. Learn Environment Design, Character Design, and Mechanical Design through crucial skills such as painting, matte painting, 3D design, and more. Concept Art is more than just creating images, though. Students will also learn how to problem solve and develop resolutions for their clients to ensure each vision comes to life.

So, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to learn how to be a professional Concept Artist and get started on your journey in the Entertainment Industry!

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Quentin Gabriel
Schweitzer Manuel
Philipp Dobrusin
Raymond Tan
Patrick Balou
Buren Erdene Altankhuyag
Marco Gorlei

1 Year Program

Term 1 Fundamentals

The first term of our Concept Art course will teach students modern fundamentals, skipping over the unnecessary skills rarely used anymore. All design principles relative to drawing, design, and painting will be covered.

Term 2 Skills

In the second term, students get to experience real studio-based projects, learning skills they will use to create their portfolio and take with them in their career in Concept Art. Hands-on applications for designing environments, characters, and props will be covered.

Term 3 Portfolio

In the third term of our Digital Art course, students will create a portfolio that will stand out from the crowd alongside learning marketing and business skills to aid them in their career path, whether working as freelancers or in a studio.



MAGES have been a big part of my journey in art. I drew just for a hobby before, so I never officially learn about all the fundamentals, until I join MAGES. Here, I learn from all the fundamentals of art until the advanced skills. They taught me from scratch until I could make a full piece of art that I could even use for my portfolio. From someone that doesn't know anything about anatomy, material study, colour theory etc, now I can say that I could make a great piece of art because of MAGES. And in every module, they lead me to be able to express my ideas into my artwork. The lecturers are great and they are always there if I have anything to ask, and in every lesson, they will give us feedback one by one, and they even showed me what I could do to improve my artwork. The whole journey of studying in MAGES has been a great time for me.


"During my 2 years of learning in MAGES, I get to learn from different lecturers who are unique in their own way and excel at what they do. The lecturers make sure that we understand every module before we advance to the next level. The process of bringing our ideas to life is by first writing down our ideas. After that, we draw thumbnails of the character or environment we want to work on. After the thumbnails, we draw detailed line art and when we are satisfied with the line art, we continue to paint it. Concept art is very competitive but in order to break in, the most important is you have skill and uniqueness. If you are really skilled and your art style stands out among others, you are most likely to stand out and be noticed for your art."

Admission Information

Upcoming Intakes

13th Sept 2021
12th Sept 2021

Entry Requirements

Applicants must be above 16 completed ‘O’ Levels or equivalent, including English. Applicants must also submit a portfolio and pass an interview

Course Fees

(Incl 7% GST)
International Students
SGD 19,782.16 Singapore Citizens & PRs SGD 17,374.66


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