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June 23 , 2019

How Jon Blow Inspired and Shaped the Indie Game Development Industry – and Made Millions with Braid

Are you an aspiring game developer who dreams of making it big in the indie gaming space...

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May 16 , 2019

Will Artists Lose Their Jobs To Artificial Intelligence?

Did you know artificial intelligence (AI) can now make art It can paint and draw and...

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May 2 , 2019

5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Choosing A Career As An Animator

Do you often think about rendering magical sequences like those in movies possible for...

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April 15 , 2019

Top 5 Creative Jobs That Pay The Most

If you’ve always considered yourself a creative person but have been told time and time...

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April 1 , 2019

Inborn talent or Acquired Skill: What makes artists tick?

Are great artists born or made Is becoming a fine artist a matter of genetics or a...

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March 18 , 2019

Animation and the modern world: The new avenues that have opened up

The way we see the world has changed a lot since the advent of technology, and the world...

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March 7 , 2019

Advancement of the gaming industry

The global gaming market reached $1379 Billion in 2018 with mobile game revenues...

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February 25 , 2019

Career opportunities in Multiplayer Game Development

It's an accepted fact that games are no longer for teenagers The mobile platform has...

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January 22 , 2019

The 5 Step Guide to Creating Your First Piece of Concept Art

Picture drawing the initial ideas of an action-packed movie or a fantasy video game The...

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January 11 , 2019

What is the purpose of concept art in films?

Making films, like games, takes a huge amount of work from a variety of disciplines VFX...

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January 3 , 2019

7 tips for making an awesome game development portfolio

Whenever someone asks “How can I get my first job in the Games Industry”, the first...

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December 13 , 2018

How to avoid bad writing in games

Are you an aspiring game writer who wants to turn those crazy storylines in his/her head...

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