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February 14 , 2020

Jobs in Creative Industries in Asia

Creative professions are becoming highly coveted and in-demand in Asia If you’re...

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January 31 , 2020

How These Top 3 Artists Began Their Creative Journeys

What makes artists thrive How do they begin their journey Is the artistic path - be it...

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January 6 , 2020

5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Taking Up Game Technology

The games industry is pretty huge and dynamic As aspiring game developers, your journey...

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December 9 , 2019

How To Become A Game Artist While You’re Still In School?

Interested in becoming a game artist without the hassle of a full-time, expensive,...

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November 5 , 2019

Why Is Singapore The Best Place To Study Games And Animation?

Are you on the lookout for the perfect destination to get a headstart in the creative...

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October 22 , 2019

Skill-Based Institutions vs Big Universities – Everything You Need To Know

As students aspiring to have a career in the creative industries, the central question is...

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September 4 , 2019

How To Make Your First 3D Model From The Comfort Of Your Home – Part 2

3D modelling is a key building block for modern 3D games and 3D animations But there are...

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August 16 , 2019

5 Questions You Should Ask Before Taking a 3D Animation Course

The field of animation is pretty vast and dynamic Figuring out your way to the best...

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July 31 , 2019

3-Step Guide For Great 3D Character Animation

Is your creative head filled with fun, quirky and lovable characters Do you dream of...

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July 17 , 2019

How To Make Your First 3D Model From The Comfort Of Home – Part 1

Do you want to learn how to render beautiful art in 3D Is visualising objects and wanting...

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June 23 , 2019

How Jon Blow Inspired and Shaped the Indie Game Development Industry – and Made Millions with Braid

Are you an aspiring game developer who dreams of making it big in the indie gaming space...

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May 16 , 2019

Will Artists Lose Their Jobs To Artificial Intelligence?

Did you know artificial intelligence (AI) can now make art It can paint and draw and...

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