Creature Design for Games & Movies by Buren E Altankhuyag - Feb 2023 - Mages

About the Creature Design for Games & Movies

The games market is expected to grow to more than 300 Billion by 2025!

Asian Movies industry is driven by China’s market. China’s movie ticket sales have already overtaken US-Canada combined. (2018)

The huge demand for illustrators and concept artists is driven by the growth of the Games and Movies industry.

Attend this introduction workshop to get a peek into the world of illustrations and environment design.

Buren Erdene Altankhuyag

Concept Artist (Toruru's Adventure, Anime & more)
Buren Erdene Altankhuyag is a concept artist with 7+ years of experience focusing on visual game development, high end illustration and animation across multiple international studios in the entertainment industry. Using both 2D and 3D industry standard tools, he enjoys exploring a wide range of rich ideas for his clients and personal work. The projects he has worked on: Criminal Case 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Ottoman turks miniature set, MSI Core Attack, Mutafukaz – Anime, and Toruru’s Adventures – Anime. He has worked for Pretty Simple, Hyperbot, Orhuntous, Studio4C, and Warp Studio.

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