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About the data science workshop

Data scientist is the sexiest job of the century, according to Harvard Business Review. And there are many reasons why this will continue to be one of the trending industries in the years to come, given the explosion of data from mobile devices, streaming platforms, the internet, and games.

Discover why data wizards who can manipulate data and make sense from data are so highly sought after and paid so much. Also, find out how you can begin your path into the world of artificial intelligence and data science

Lim Si Jie

Si Jie is a data scientist that is passionate about the art of data science and using data science/AI for good. He is an alumnus of Nanyang Technological University, having obtained a degree in Actuarial Science. Most recently, he completed his Master's Degree in Financial Engineering with WorldQuant University. He is currently leading the data product at Finantier and building innovative credit scoring models to help the unbanked in Southeast Asia access better financial services. Prior to this, he was an AI Data Scientist at Vulcan AI, building computer vision solutions for the agricultural industry to analyze mobile and satellite images.

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