MAGES :: Dune Surfer Designed by Students

What is the game about?

Have you ever played Temple Run or Subway Surfer? Dune Surfer is similar to it and the best thing is you can challenge your friends since it is an Online Multiplayer Versus Game.

Challenge your friends and see who conquers the world of Dune Surfer.


  • Single and Multiplayer 2 Player vs Game
  • Amazing Graphics
  • Coin Collection
  • Item Purchase

How To Play

Find a way to run in the least time possible or win the race when it comes to multiplayer.

To do so, the control mechanism is to swipe, like when you swipe up the player jumps, swipe down the player slides down and swipe left and right, the player will dodge. Another thing is the use of the accelerator to move the player left and right.

When you have enough coins, you can buy surfs depending on your budget so you can have more speed in the game.

Project Premise

All Assets are taken from the Assets Store and some are outsourced.


Jexter Bacus – Project Manager/Lecturer

Justin Lim – Game Developer

Assets Store and outsourced – Assets


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