Horde : A game developed by the group of our students of MAGES

What is the game about?

Project H.O.R.D.E is a third-person shooter played from a third-person isometric view. It has a strong emphasis on cooperative play and can be played online by up to ten friends. You play as a squad of Space Marines, marooned aboard a derelict Space Station occupied by alien hordes. To survive, you and your team must defend the base generator and repair defense systems to survive the onslaughts of the endless hordes coming in.


  • Online cooperative gameplay with Squad based combat
  • Twin-stick touch-screen Control Scheme
  • Players choose from 3 weapon types, each with their own unique characteristics
  • Finite Resources - to be chosen carefully
  • Revival and Life System. Dead players must be revived by other, alive players.

How To Play

Enter the War Room, chat with other players and exchange strategies before your next match starts. When you’re ready, click on JOIN.

Protect your base generator – Its energy indicator is displayed on the blue bar located in the middle left side of your screenOccasionally, you will see a floating drone that refills your base generator. DON’T SHOOT AT IT.

Keep an eye on item drops from your kill. Those can level up your health and weapon. To pick up, just walk towards it.

Your base’s defense by repairing the walls. Stand near it and once you see the INTERACT button, hold press it until a bar that pops up filled up. You may also repair some damaged turrets. However, to do this you need to search for the TURRET PARTS hidden somewhere in the level.

When your player dies, you can be revived by your fellow player. This can be done by walking towards your fallen comrade and INTERACT (see repair walls) Or click on RESPAWN (or countdown to respawn finishes). However, this will reset your character’s level ups.

Project Premise

All art assets are legally acquired through the Unity3D Asset Store and other open art websites.

All source code was made in-house and only minimal features utilized from Unity3D network API.

No 3rd party plug-ins or algorithm were used. Entire project was developed in 10+ weeks, though improvements and balancing are on-going.


John David Uy (Lecturer/Game Director)

Juliano Dario (Team Lead)

Jian Jaggi (Assistant Team Lead)

John Lu

Christian Stingl

Ho Song Yuan

Mirabelle Tessa Goh


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