Game Showcase: Project Question

What is the game about?

The game objective is for aspiring investigators to be trained via this Augmented Reality game – replicating investigative training, from Interrogation to Evidence Collection. The game is also fun enough to be played by the others for entertainment. This is done while using limited resources, simulating a variety of cases, adapting the complexity of the cases and allowing for data collection and analysis – that would lead to trainee evaluation through a system of positive and negative points.


  • Randomisation within the case - of Evidence, Criminal & Victim
  • Performance tracking and analysis through a positive/negative point system
  • Mimics complex investigation techniques in - Evidence Selection & Interrogation

How To Play

Interact with the evidence in the AR virtual environment and collect the right evidence using vritual Forensic Kits

Select and Investigate suspects. Decide between a Supportive or Aggressive technique, track cooperation and ask questions based on the evidence collected.

Submit the evidence to the corresponding analyzer in crime lab. Review the results to proceed to the next step.

Review the suspect’s records and taking all insights into consideration – come to a conclusion

Accuse the killer and submit a valid motive, supporting evidence & murder weapon – proceed to arrest and find outif you are right in your accusition

Project Premise

Purchased: 3D Assets

Created: User Interface, 2D Assets, All Programming

Programming: Fully developed from scratch, no plugins used.


Jayavanthi (Lead Developer , Project Manager )

Jason ( Developer )

Kevin ( Developer )

Pruthvi ( Game Designer )


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