MAGES :: Ruinz, Game made by MAGES students

What is the game about?

Ruinz is a fast-paced endless runner game, but not the usual kind. The game puts a unique spin on the genre by putting you in control of the platform instead of the player. To escape your enemies, you’ll need to clear a path for your character by choosing the right tool to help you overcome whatever obstacle stands in your way. It may sound simple, but once you find yourself on the run with only a split-second to make your decision, you’ll see just how challenging Ruinz can be.

This project was done by students of MAGES Institute of Excellence, Singapore.


  • Real-time gameplay
  • Fast paced gameplay as the enemy is always close to you.
  • Endless gameplay as the game never ends until you lose.
  • Progressive learning curve as you’ll always get better each time you replay the game.

How To Play

Escape your pursuers by laying down one of the four different platforms. If they catch up to you, it’s game over!

You’ll need to pay attention to the path ahead in order to determine which one you should select.

  1. Plank – Is used to bridge the gap between separate platforms.
  2. Spring Board – Is used to vault over spike traps.
  3. Ladder – Is used to climb up to a higher platform.
  4. Bomb – Is used to destroy brick walls. (Be careful! Detonating a bomb to close to your player will end the game)

That’s all there is to it. The longer you last, the higher your score! Good luck.

Project Premise

All Art assets are legally acquired through the Unity Asset Store and other open art website and freelancers engaged by developers, in addition to some being created in-house.


Jexter Bacus – Project Manager

Wei Chen – Lead Programmer/Designer

Sefrina Arfi – Lead Artist


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