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New technologies are shifting the landscape of the job market and MAGES aims to groom its students to adapt and succeed in such fast-moving times. In the same stride, MAGES has developed multiple programs in the field of games and application development. After careful evaluation by industry experts and veterans, we have come up with a Gaming course in Singapore that not only meets the rapidly growing needs of talented and polished games and website developers but also matches the pace of the highly competitive job market. Every student wishes to learn from the best in the field and Mages is proud to be one in the gaming arena.

Game Design Courses

With the advancement of technology, upskilling has become imperative to one’s success. One such upskilling program for a digital designer would be MAGES Game Design Courses. Crafted with a futuristic approach, a gaming curriculum focuses on the profound needs of the industry, be it creating surreal landscapes, crafting stories, building characters, or developing virtual simulations, MAGES Game design program prepares you for all. The course enables the student with a deeper understanding of motion capture, level assembly, and lighting. It further helps them to gain expertise in game animation. After the successful completion of the course, students will know how to use designing tools and what is the production process of a Game.

Game Programming Courses

Realize your dream and build skills in developing games for any platform. The Game Programming Courses offered at MAGES is conceived to deliver professionals with an in-depth understanding of Game design and the development cycle. Learn the latest hardware and software platforms and gain technical expertise from the veterans of the industry. Our courses are designed such that it helps students not just to stay relevant, but also aid in developing future-based skills in an era of rapidly changing market. Our exceptional faculty help propel the students towards excellence. We have produced professionals of the future by providing them intricate knowledge to sustain in the global disruption age driven by technological change.

Virtual Reality School

With ever so fast-evolving online ecosystem, the Virtual reality (VR) market is witnessing a surge in its usage and applicability. Giants like Amazon and Alibaba are hugely investing in VR technologies to enhance their customer experience. Given the demand, VR courses uphold the potential for getting high-paying jobs in the future. In the same stride, MAGES, a much sought-after Virtual Reality School in the region offers VR courses to satisfy the demand of a skilled workforce. The professional VR course structure endows students with hands-on experience in the latest immersive technology platforms. It trains novices into professionals that know how to analyze design challenges and develop fully immersive solutions.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) technology has seen an uprise in demand in the last few years. Industry leaders like Apple, Microsoft, and Google have already started integrating AR into their products and services. Thus, predicting a huge requirement of professionals with expertise in the design and development of AR. Due to such a surge, the AR courses offered by MAGES become paramount to excel in the field. MAGES, as a premier Augmented reality school in Singapore, has its own production house i.e., MAGES Studio. At MAGES, you learn different forms of AR and its numerous viable applications in different industries. The curriculum is designed by experienced faculty consisting of digital media artists, innovators, and thinkers, to meet ever-evolving industry standards.

Motion Design School

Build your knowledge and achieve your career aspirations with MAGES Motion Design School. In the constantly moving world, make your move with our wide range of motion designing courses. Learn the multiple aspects of motion designing like narrative development, storyboard formation, animation, editing, sound, and direction from the best in the industry. At MAGES design and media school, lecturers are also working professionals and artists that not only nurture your skills but also share their experience and tricks of the trade. During the course, students will simulate real-world scenarios and work on 2D/3D projects. The program is designed to provide students with a smooth transition from classroom learning to a professional setup. Start your journey with MAGES motion designing course to get hired by the best companies in the industry.

Concept Art School

Stay ahead of the pack and choose MAGES Concept Art School to obtain a holistic understanding of digital art. Learn digital sculpting, motion capture, 3D modeling, and digital composition from working artists. During the course, students will obtain an in-depth understanding of software, such as Maya, Zbrush, 3ds Max, and Photoshop, through multiple projects and classroom learning. MAGES believes in the transfer of knowledge in small groups, therefore, has a maximum 12:1 student to teacher ratio. The course will open doors for jobs in multiple industries like careers in art, designing, programming, and gaming. MAGES Institute of excellence is amongst the best Concept Art schools in Singapore and adds to the island’s status as a centre for designing schools.

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