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Learn the fundamentals of the various working components of a Web Server, how to design and implement Databases (storage of Website Content), how to create a website back-end and connect it with different database management systems to create functional Web Applications. Learners will also explore different tools, libraries, and frameworks used in Back-End Development.

Duration/Schedule [TBC]:36Hrs (Mondays and Wednesdays, 7:30PM - 10:30PM)

Note:Customisation Available for Corporate Clients

Award of Certificate:Statement of Attainment and MAGES Certificate of Completion

Software Taught [TBC]:Python

Grants Available:SSG, SFC, PSEA

Course Code :ICT-DIT-3003-1.1


Thomas O’Dell
Mohamed Afiq
Manfred Lim ZJ

Topics Covered

  • Backend Fundamentals – Introduction to Middleware and APIs (Use Case, Pros and Cons)
  • Web URIs and Integration of Web APIs
  • Opening Handshake, Data Framing, Sending & Receiving Data
  • Using Template Engines
  • API Handling and Debugging
  • Deployment Considerations

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the suitable method, tool, and technique for developing a backend web application based on a business objective.
  • Create webpages and APIs and connect database with back-end application.
  • Debug web application by Implementing the necessary Constructs and Techniques
  • Write, deploy and debug code in the context of dynamic web pages by implementing necessary algorithmic constructs and techniques




Entry requirements

  • Age: 18 years and above
  • Education : N Level and Above
  • Language : English (Spoken & Written)
  • Prerequisite : Basic Knowledge of Computers and Using Productivity Software

Course Fee

Full Course Fees : SGD 2,592

PR/Singaporean 21 – 39 Yrs/Non-SME Company Sponsored Singaporean & PR : SGD 1,392

Singaporean 40Yrs or above/ SME Company Sponsored Singaporeans & PR : SGD 912

(All fees include 8% GST; 7% GST applicable if payment made before 1st Jan 2023)

Grants Available

Self-sponsored students can use SSG Training Grant, Skills Future Credit, PSEA grant, and SEP. 75% attendance is mandatory to complete the program The student should submit and must pass the prescribed assessment (i.e. Practical Project) *For additional grant eligibility, please contact us.


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