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Professional Certificate in Interactive Environments

In this certificate in AR/VR, Students cultivate the skills to design, program, and develop Interactive Digital Environments and Games through Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Technologies. Students learn about the unique affordances and design opportunities inherent to the platform. Through this VR course in Singapore, students will learn the concepts and applications of Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality through a Game Engine Platform.

To Supplement and Simulate the physical world, students learn methods for integrating 3D objects and Animations into interactive mobile applications and games. They will learn Virtual Reality Programming relevant to creating virtual environment.

Duration:3mths (Full-Time), 4mths (Part-Time)

Schedule:5 Days per Week, 5 Hrs per Day (Full-Time); 3 Days per Week, 3 Hrs per Day (Part-Time)

Awarded By:MAGES Institute of Excellence

Software Taught:Unreal Engine, Twinmotion

Graduation Criteria :Completed and Passed in All Modules

Note:International Students can only opt for Full-Time Course


Rajesh Chakravarthy

Topics Covered

CIE 201 : Storytelling through VR

  • This module will focus on what makes enjoyable and functioning level games and how to create them. Introduction to the tools and concepts used to create levels for games and simulations. The Module Incorporates level design, architecture theory, concepts of critical path and flow, balancing, play testing, and storytelling. The Students will also learn how to create interactive game elements that pull a user through a story.

CIE 202 : AR In Action

  • This module will provide students with the knowledge of Augmented Reality and it’s Technologies – Image recognition, object recognition, and several other technologies out there. Students will learn how to integrate and configure an Augmented Reality SDK into a Game Engine using Different Recognition Platforms. Students will learn how to develop Authoring for Mobile Devices and Advanced Interaction Techniques using AR and a Game Engine.

CIE 203 : Project

  • The Project tasks the student to review the Application of AR/VR Methods inside a game development and apply the necessary skills in the creation of a Game/Application/Storytelling. Students are expected to monitor all aspects of the project, ensure that proper knowledge and resources are harnessed to create the desired outcome in a timely, cost-effective manner. Students will also devote most of their time in the research and design of the original mobile AR game or Game Level for a VR Experience.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the concepts of AR and VR through a Game Engine Platform
  • Understand the inherent unique affordances and design opportunities of the platform
  • Integrating 3D Objects and Animations into interactive Mobile Applications and Games
  • Virtual Reality Programming relevant to creating a virtual environment



Nov 2021

Entry requirements

Age: 18 years old and above,
Recommended for Full-time Media Professionals, Full-time Media Freelancers, and Fresh Media Graduates

Courses fess

(Incl 7% GST)

Local Students : SGD 5,617.50
International Students : SGD 6,152.50

Grants Available

– Not Applicable –


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