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Specialist Diploma in Motion Graphic Design

Our Specialist Diploma in Motion Graphic Design is an 8-month program that allows students who have graduated from related fields such as graphic design and visual communications a chance to supplement their existing knowledge to jumpstart their career as a motion graphics designer.

This program encourages students to enhance their creative talent and sharpen their technical knowledge. Specialist diploma students will be able to produce professional attention-grabbing communication design for films, TV, and the Web. It covers modules in the application of story-telling, typography, advertising, broadcast design, digital compositing, and design entrepreneurship. Students will also get a chance to build their portfolios through the capstone project.

DURATION :8 Months (5hrs per day 5 Days per week Full-Time; 3 Hrs per day 3 Days per week Part-Time) ; International Students can only opt for Full Time programmes.

STUDENT-TO-LECTURER RATIO :12 Students : 1 Lecturer

MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION :Lectures & Practical (Hands on Application)

MODE OF ASSESSMENT :Project Based Assessments for All Modules

SOFTWARE TAUGHT :Cinema 4D, After Effects

NOTE :A Pass in all Modules within the maximum study period is required for Graduation.


Siew Zhi Zhong, Jerome
Rajesh Chakravarthy
Rakesh Shrinivas Gowda

8 Months Program

Term 1 Fundamentals

This term will teach students theory and production of animated 2D graphic elements, advertising design (creating and developing a media mix for online and print formats), and use of 3D software in Motion Graphics along with integration of type, design and audio

Term 1: Fundamentals

In the first term, students will learn animated 2d & 3d graphic elements for multiple platforms that they can take with them throughout the entirety of their careers. The students will examine strategies for developing and directing a media mix across a variety of print and online formats and for designing messages which reflect both audience and client “contact” relationships.

This term will cover the following modules:

  • Motion Design 1
  • Advertising Design
  • 3D Design for Designers
Term 2 Skills

This term involves expanding the student's typographic vocabulary using time-based composition, use of digital composting to produce time-based imagery, Art Direction (production and execution of multi-faceted Design Campaigns), and ends with a Design Entrepreneurship course

Term 2 : Skills

In the second term of our Motion Design School, students will get into the core skills necessary for their careers. Hands-on applications of developing time / movement-related projects using semantic typography with the objective of enhancing visual form, meaning and communication give students an impressive range of skills for the professional field. They will acquire and integrate aesthetically driven live-action imagery into broadcast or visual effects projects utilizing a wide range of media formats.

This term contains the following modules :

  • Motion Design 2
  • Digital Compositing
  • Art Direction 2
Term 3 Portfolio

Students will review, revise, refine and present their portfolio in a faculty supervised setting demonstrating mastery of industry standards and and expectations. Students will also take on a Capstone Studio Practice, a research based module where students will be expected to produce a product that will showcase their expertise in a given field.

Term 3 : Portfolio

The last portion of the program focuses on getting participants ready for real-world applications of their knowledge and skills. Students will gain in-depth guidance and feedback from real professionals about design entrepreneurship and working within the industry. After months of hard work bringing ideas and concepts to life through design programs, the students will leave the program with a polished portfolio that is ready to use for future job opportunities.

This term contains the following modules :

  • Design Entrepreneurship
  • Senior Portfolio Development
  • Capstone Studio Practice


Tommy Winarto

".. I grew a lot here, in terms of mindset and pipelines of the project and focus is quite important as they play a vital role in Motion Design..."

Chantal Catry

"Our Teachers are always here for us, each time we have a problem they immediately help us. The Rise Project was an incredible achievement. Overall, you have to be prepared and make sure to NEVER, NEVER stop Learning"

Admission Information

Upcoming Intakes


Entry Requirements

Minimum 18 years of age, and

Diploma in Graphic Design from Polytechnics

OR Diploma in Graphic Design from other PEIs

OR Diploma in Design related subject from home country of applicant,

English Proficiency : C6 in GCE O Level or equivalent

Course Fees

(*Incl 8% GST)
International StudentsSGD16,518.66
Singapore Citizens & PRsSGD 15,809.04

*All payments on or after 1st Jan 2023 will be subject to 8% GST.


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