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Career Switch to UX Design


4th May 2024 2:00 pm

About The Session

Working in UX design can be creative, engaging, and lucrative [Average UX Designer Salary in Singapore]. If you’re looking to explore the field of UX design, and are unsure if this is for you :

Join us for an online webinar hosted by Joyce Yap, a banker turned UI/UX Designer (Delivery Hero, ex-Foodpanda)! Joyce will share with us her journey into the UI/UX space, how is AI affecting the UI/UX industry, and how to get into the tech industry. Get your questions answered and gain unique insights from her experience!

Joyce Yap

Product Designer | Delivery Hero | Guest Speaker

From financial market to user journeys, Joyce Yap, founder of JoyCompass, is a banker-turned-UX-Designer. She's a passionate product designer at Delivery Hero who's guiding principle is "Navigate with heart, design with purpose." This philosophy fuels her passion for mentoring and sharing impactful design stories.
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