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Building Modern-Day Wizards

Established more than a decade ago, MAGES Institute has always believed in the potential of creativity & technology giving birth to impactful solutions.


We have been educating and nurturing talented individuals in the disciplines of Art & Technology. Many of whom have gone on to become competent Game & Concept Artists, Game Designers, AR/VR Developers, Full Stack Developers and Product Managers.


MAGES Institute always strives towards the cutting edge and believes that change is the only constant. This investment in research and development enables us to embrace and integrate new technologies into our curriculum, while ensuring the core fundamentals and values we hold true remain a hallmark of our education. We do this by ensuring that our students receive access to a faculty that is grounded in both industry and research. 


We are aligned to our goal of nurturing competent individuals who create positive impact and are happy to share our sister organisation MAGES Studio. Created by our very own former students & staff, MAGES Studio has been building life affirming solutions for humanity’s greatest challenges – using AR, VR & Applied Games. They have been a testament to how through building games and experiences with impact in mind we can create change.


MAGES Studio shares our vision too and has created Mile 3 to ensure that students from all institutions will receive access to the guidance they require to create impact. Mile 3 is a creative technology incubator & community that provides a space for youth, community & industry to create transformative solutions for social change.


We at the MAGES Family are very proud of our students & staff for being positive change makers and hope to continue this journey with you too.


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Nurture individuals to succeed, connect with, and serve the society by extending knowledge and stimulating learning.


We aspire to be one of the top creative institutes providing excellence in all that we do and imparting quality education with global perspective.


We strive to maximize the personal potential of every student.


We aim to produce students with Character.


We aim for best quality education with most modern technology and techniques.


We impart knowledge with a purpose to build quality workforce for the globe.


We embrace lifelong learning.


MAGES aims to inculcate its values by fostering a culture amongst its staff and students wherein:

  • Each individual’s creativity is recognized
  • Allows development of individual’s inherent potential
  • Nurture the team towards continuous excellence
  • All are treated as equal from supervisor to subordinates


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