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Here at MAGES, we have an active social calendar over the year to ensure that our students are provided a platform to showcase their work and abilities both locally and around the region. We provide opportunities to engage directly with renowned industry professionals and audiences through workshops, conventions and school-organised events. Our workshops, in particular, are not exclusive to students but are open to the public as well. Do keep a look for any interesting events coming up this year and check out our past events.

PRIDE 2017

Pride a student showcase 2017
Pride student showcase
Mages Glory

PRIDE is an annual students’ showcase organised by MAGES. All our stakeholders are invited to participate and experience the work created by talented MAGES students. From industry practitioners, to AAA Game studios and of course the families and loved ones of MAGES Students and Faculty come down on this special day to appreciate a year’s work of Games, Art, Films and AR/VR Applications created by our students.

The event also works as a platform for our students to get noticed by leading players in the Creative Tech industry and be scouted for bright careers ahead.

STGCC 2017

Singapore Toys Games & Comic Convention showcase of gaming
Singapore Toys Games & Comic Convention showcase of gaming and comics
Singapore Toys Games & Comic Convention showcase of Anime enthusiast

The Singapore Toys Games & Comic Convention (STGCC) is an annual showcase and gathering of all Gaming, Comics and Anime enthusiasts. With exhibitors such as Blizzard Entertainment, Ubisoft and Hot Toys - there are featured spaces on everything from Star Wars, to Marvel Characters and epic AAA Games.

In this space, MAGES exhibits the addictive Games, stunning Artwork and immersive AR/VR Applications created by our students. Drawing in crowds that look to experience cutting edge tech, original art and unique games.

Comic Fiesta 2017

Comic Fiesta 2017
Comic Fiesta 2017 art gallery
Comic Fiesta 2017 image gallary
Comic Fiesta 2017 overview

Hosted at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Comic Fiesta is a massive event bringing together the biggest names in the Digital Entertainment Industry. Drawing crowds in the thousands, this event really allowed us to showcase our best work to enthusiasts attending from the region.

Game Start Asia 2017

Event list: Game start Asia
Game start Asia Event
Game start Asia 15 oct 2017

Known as Southeast Asia’s Premier Game Convention, Game Start Asia showcases a full spectrum of games - from Featured Competitions by PlayStation to Table Top Games like Magic The Gathering.

This convention allows us to test our student games with a public audience, while exposing students to the AAAs and Indie Game Scene. Some of student made games have been a raving success, drawing in groups of gamers to play-test.

Zeen Chin - Illustration Workshop

Zeen Chin - Illustration Workshop
Zeen Chin - Illustration Workshop 28th Oct 2017
Zeen Chin - Illustration Workshop 28th Oct 2017 Illustration workshop

MAGES Organised a special Illustration workshop with Master Illustrator Zeen Chin, also featuring an exclusive sale of his much sought after and sold out Art Book "Re-Child". Zeen Chin brought with him a wealth of experience, sharing with attendees his creative journey and the challenges he faced along the way.

A full-house of attendees walked away with fresh perspective, valuable tips and some with an autographed copy of Zeen Chin’s Art Book.

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