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6 Month Professional Certificate | Part-Time

Become a Cybersecurity Professional.

Grants available for SG & PR*


In today’s interconnected world, cybersecurity is no longer an afterthought; it’s a fundamental pillar of any organization’s success. As data increasingly migrates to the cloud and security concerns escalate, companies are actively seeking cybersecurity professionals to safeguard their valuable assets.


This comprehensive immersive programme equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity and thrive in this high-demand field. The programme delves into a broad spectrum of topics, encompassing cybersecurity fundamentals, threat mitigation strategies, host and network security principles, identity and access management frameworks, security operations practices, and secure software development methodologies.


Through an interactive blend of theoretical concepts and hands-on practical labs, students will develop the expertise to identify and neutralize various cybersecurity threats and attacks, effectively protecting sensitive data and critical infrastructure.

DURATION: 6 Months (Full-Time or Part-Time)

International Students are only offered Full-Time programme.

STUDENT-TO-LECTURER RATIO : 18 Students : 1 Lecturer

MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION / MODE OF ASSESSMENT: Practical (Hands on Application), Project Based Assessment

NOTE: A Pass in all Modules within the maximum study period is required for the successful completion of the program.

SOFTWARES TAUGHT: Wireshark | Nessus | Metasploit | Kali Linux | Hydra

HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS: Windows Laptop with Powershell or Mac with Terminal. Learners are to provide their own devices.


MODE OF DELIVERY: 2 Weekdays Online, 1 Weekend In-Classroom per week


AWARD: Professional Certificate in Cybersecurity



Explore the essentials of cybersecurity, from its core principles and threats to network architectures and security, setting the foundation for robust digital environment protection.

  • Cybersecurity Fundamentals
  • Networking and Security Fundamentals


Deepen your cybersecurity expertise with ethical hacking, advanced security techniques, and emerging cybersecurity technologies, focusing on practical strategies to combat evolving threats in web and wireless security, cloud computing, and incident response.

  • Ethical Hacking and Security Techniques
  • Advanced Cybersecurity Techniques


Integrate and demonstrate your cybersecurity skills by designing a solution that addresses a real-world challenge, emphasizing risk assessment and threat mitigation.

  • Capstone Project
  • Cybersecurity Fundamentals
  • Networking and Security Fundamentals
  • Ethical Hacking and Security Techniques
  • Advanced Cybersecurity Techniques
  • Capstone Project
  • Gain a solid understanding of foundational cybersecurity principles and their application in real-world contexts, preparing for the complexities of the digital landscape.
  • Develop the skills necessary for identifying and mitigating a wide range of cybersecurity threats and attacks.
  • Acquire comprehensive knowledge in host and network security, including system hardening, effective patching strategies, and robust access management practices.
  • Develop and implement effective risk management strategies to identify, assess, and mitigate cybersecurity threats.
  • Enhance the Ability to Protect Sensitive Data and Systems

Career Support and Outcomes

After graduating from our program, students are well-equipped to embark on diverse career paths and explore exciting opportunities, including entry-level UI/UX Designer roles. We offer our students extensive placement facilitation and support, including assistance with portfolio creation, CV preparation, interview preparations, and networking opportunities. Many graduates also leverage their newfound knowledge and skills to advance in their current jobs or enhance their businesses. With a remarkable placement record of over 85%, our graduates have secured positions in renowned organizations such as Singapore Polytechnic, REVEZ Motion, Wipro, Infotech, Citibank, and Turnkey.


23 Sept 2024 to 22 Mar 2025


Age : 16 years old or above,

3 GCE ‘O’ Levels incl Minimum of C6 Grade in English


(*Incl 9% GST)

Full Program Fee: SGD 14,047.92

Singaporeans 25-39Yrs or PR (After IMDA Grant): SGD 4,214.37

Singaporeans 40Yrs and Above (After IMDA Grant): SGD 1,404.80


Is Cybersecurity relevant in 2024?

Absolutely, with the increasing digitization and growth of business and the move of data to cloud platforms, the importance of data security has been consistently increasing. Expected CAGR for revenue from cyber solutions from 2024-2028 is 10.68%, resulting in a market volume of US$849.2m by 2028. (Source : Statista).


As business increase the number of data points , a comprehensive data protection and cybersecurity strategy has become vital.

Who is the Professional Certificate Programme for?

If you’re looking for a career transition into the dynamic and rewarding Cybersecurity industry, then this Programme is for you.


You will become adept at Cybersecurity in the present digital landscape through practical hands-on projects, and demonstrate your skills through a Capstone Project which will showcase your employability while solving a real-world business problem.

I do not have any technical background. Can I join this programme?

Our Professional Certificate Programmes are designed for beginners, the first module (Fundamentals) is meant to cover any skill gaps before starting the core skills portion of the Programme.

What are the hardware requirements for this Programme? Will I have to purchase it myself?

The Professional Certificate in Cybersecurity programme requires a Windows or Mac laptop.

Please contact us for the updated Minimum and Recommended Specs for the Laptop/Device.


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