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6 Month Professional Certificate | Part-Time

Learn to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript, combined with the power of AI to develop well-structured, interactive & responsive websites

Grants available for SG & PR*

About Full Stack Course

MAGES Institute is proud to run its Professional Certificate in Full Stack Web Development Course under IMDA’s Tech Immersion and Placement Program scheme. The Full Stack Course puts students on the fast track to learning the basics of Web Development with a view to be able to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Full Stack Web Developers are in high demand as every business and entity moves towards having an online presence, and Full Stack Developers are uniquely suited to handle this task as compared to specialised Web Developer teams of yesteryear. Students in the Full Stack Course would be starting their learning journey with Programming Fundamentals, including frameworks of both Front End and Back End Development, progressing to Front End specific programming using JavaScript, Database management, and Back End specific programming using Python. In the final term, the students will create their own Capstone Project using all the knowledge gained.

Overview of Online Coding Class

MAGES Institute conducts Online Coding Class teaching Full Stack Web Development in the form of Professional Certificate course (through IMDA’s Tech Immersion and Placement Programme) across 6 months (Part-time). The Program is divided into three terms (Fundamentals, Skills, Portfolio). In the First Term, students will learn the fundamentals of programming  and front end web development. They will learn how to manipulate aesthetics using programming through practical learning of building and styling advanced static webpages. The Second Term will teach them in depth programming and development of Back End and Databases (Server-side programming) used to interface the two (Front End Development would involve JavaScript, and Back End Development would be taught using Python). In the Final Term, Students will utilise their skills and create a Project which will showcase these skills in a Capstone Project which aims to solve a real world business problem.


Become a Full Stack Web Developer and create responsive websites/apps with the power of Generative AI.


Our 6-month program covers all aspects of web development such as Front End, Back End, and Database management and is mentored by industry-experts. Gain expertise in designing and constructing full-stack applications, creating MVPs, and debugging web applications harnessing the power of AI in web development.


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DURATION: 6 Months (Part-Time or Full-Time; full-time batches are subject to confirmation)

International Students are only offered Full-Time program.

STUDENT-TO-LECTURER RATIO: 18 Students : 1 Lecturer

MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION / MODE OF ASSESSMENT: Practical (Hands on Application), Project Based Assessment

NOTE: A Pass in all Modules within the maximum study period is required for the successful completion of the program.


SOFTWARES TAUGHT: GIT | HTML5 | CSS3 | JavaScript | React JS | MongoDB | SQL | Node Js and more

HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS: Windows Laptop with Powershell or Mac with Terminal. Learners are to provide their own devices.


MODE OF DELIVERY: 2 Weekdays Online, 1 Weekend In-Classroom per week


AWARD: Professional Certificate in Full Stack Web Development with AI


Become a change-maker in the age of AI and utilise it to enhance your technical abilities. Explore its impact in the realm of coding and software development by learning to craft innovative prompts, understanding the boundaries of legality and ethics, and adopt industry best practices. Explore the ways in which AI can enhance code debugging, facilitate code completion, and seamlessly integrate AI functionalities into applications.



In their first term, students will learn how to effectively create the structure of a website using semantic HTML, and style websites with CSS and responsive layouts.


The term will cover the following modules:

  • Programming Fundamentals


In the second term students will begin learning Front-End Development through building web pages and advanced user interfaces in JavaScript. NodeJS will be introduced in the Back-End Development segment. Students will utilise AI for inspiration, ideals, creative design, enhanced code debugging and API integration in the Front End and Back End segments.


The term will cover the following modules:

  • Front End Development
  • Databases
  • Back End Development


Capstone Studio Practice is a research-based module that integrates concepts and fundamentals throughout the program. Students will go through the whole process of developing web Applications with guidance from mentors based on the problem statement or brief given (Students have a choice to come up with their own problem statement as well).


The term will cover the following modules:

  • Capstone Project


Manfred has 8 yrs of experience. He is a founder and CEO of a Digital Solution company, Pillowseed. He is an expert in Frontend and Backend web development. He can design and develop websites and web applications. He has worked with PUB on their mobile application, CPF on their website revamp with Accenture, and other SMEs with their websites, web applications, and digital marketing efforts.

Manfred Lim ZJ

Lecturer | Web Developer

Rajesh Chakravarthy has worked in digital art and design for the past 18 years (stationed as an educator within various creative media and tech schools for 9 of those years) and is a veteran AR/VR developer and an Unreal Engine Authorised Instructor.  His leadership has led many students to successful careers within prominent companies around the globe. Rajesh’s research and hard work has made great strides in Augmented and Virtual Reality, as he intersects design, technology, and business through his many ventures in prototyping and education.

Rajesh Chakravarthy

Academic Director | Unreal Engine Authorised Instructor

Nanda has a remarkable experience in the IT industry and the education industry specially in the field of 3D Graphic Animation, Game Programming and Game Development & Design. Nanda is a Unity Certified Developer and also an Unreal Engine Authorised Instructor, in addition to having certification from Microsoft and Oracle. Nanda has working experience in United States, India and Singapore. With his excellent communication and interpersonal skills, he proves to be a truly commendable and valuable lecturer for MAGES.

Nanda Ye Aung

Lecturer | Unreal Engine Authorised Trainer

With over 25 years of working experience, in companies such as ICONIX International and Delcan Corporation in Toronto, Canada. Thomas has played a key role in developing the Automatic Fare Collection System for the Taiwan High Speed Rail in Taipei. His significant experience in the IT industry enriches both his industrial training and his academic teaching. He has teaching experience in subjects like Games Programming at various Singaporean institutions.

Thomas O’Dell

Adjunct Lecturer

As a full-stack developer with over 7 years of experience and a Forbes 30-Under-30 lister Afiq has a wealth of knowledge to offer their students. Having managed a team of 20 developers as a startup Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and running his own software company, Afiq’s expertise speaks for itself. He is a dedicated and skilled instructor who will provide valuable and practical insights and guidance to their students.

Mohamed Afiq

Lecturer | Web Developer

  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Front End Development with JavaScript
  • Database and Server-Side Fundamentals
  • Back End Development
  • Capstone Project
  • Design and build a full-stack web application using JavaScript technology.
  • Acquire a comprehensive understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for professional web development.
  • Develop the skills to build responsive and interactive web pages utilizing front-end technologies.
  • Learn how to debug and test web applications.
  • Acquire the tools and techniques to be an effective part of a web development team.
  • Improve your ability to learn new tools, languages, and development frameworks.
  • Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) & Launch your career in Web Development.
  • Learn Database Concepts, Techniques, and tools needed to develop database applications. Identify fundamental building blocks of Web Applications.

Career Support and Outcomes

After graduation, students are well-equipped to embark on diverse career paths, including entry-level Web development roles. We offer our students extensive placement facilitation and support, including assistance with portfolio creation, CV and interview preparation and networking opportunities. With a remarkable placement record of 90%, our graduates have secured positions in renowned organizations such as Citibank, Turnkey, REVEZ Motion, Wipro, Infotech and more.


27th August 2024 – 26th February 2024



Age : 16 years old or above,

3 GCE ‘O’ Levels incl Minimum of C6 Grade in English


(*Incl 9% GST)

Full Program Fee: SGD 14,047.92

Singaporeans 25-39Yrs or PR (After IMDA Grant): SGD 4,214.37

Singaporeans 40Yrs and Above (After IMDA Grant): SGD 1,404.80


Is Web Development relevant?

Absolutely, With the increasing digitization of business, the demand for websites and web applications is only growing. In addition, the rapid pace of technological advancements means that there will always be new technologies and frameworks to learn and utilize in web development. “Web Developer”is the most in-demand job title in tech and one of its top-paying jobs. And, *According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, the job market for Web Developers is expected to grow 15 percent by 2026. (*Source)


The integration of AI with web development has created fresh opportunities for web developers to enhance productivity, customization, and innovation. This trend is expected to persist and expand in its impact.

Who is the Professional Certificate Program for?

If you’re looking for a career transition into the dynamic and rewarding Web Development industry and want to become proficient at all roles of a Web Developer, then this Program is for you.


You will become adept at Web Development through practical hands-on projects, and demonstrate your skills through a Capstone Project which will showcase your employability while solving a real-world business problem.

I do not have any technical background. Can I join this course?

Our Professional Certificate Program are designed for beginners, the first module (Fundamentals) is meant to cover any skill gaps before starting the core skills portion of the Program.

What are the hardware requirements for this Program? Will I have to purchase it myself?

The Professional Certificate in Full Stack Web Development program requires a Windows Laptop with PowerShell or a Mac with Terminal.


As Web Development at the individual level is not computationally intensive, a high-end laptop is not required. Please contact us for the updated Minimum and Recommended Specs for the Laptop.


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